Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets That Look Expensive

Coming Fall of 2017

I am so excited to finally be putting together this book. Coming up to 100,000 views this year, Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets is one of my top posts and I am often asked for more information on making gift baskets!

I have been pulling together all my insider secrets in writing this book and whether you are making gift baskets as a hobby or want to start a business, this book is for you.

From where to buy, how to put together and how to style a gift basket I want to show you how amazing and inexpensive it can be!

For those of you that want to do it as a business I discuss everything from finding new clients, going after corporate clients and getting your name out in media.

Instructions on where to buy ribbons, how to make bows, and how to add extras on top of your gift baskets.

How to make shred for pennies, great for when you want a specific color.

Step by step instructions on how to make gift baskets with ideas for both the hobbyist and the professional gift basket maker.

Over 140 pages and more than 200 photographs walk you through the basics of gift basket making so you can make slick professional looking gift baskets for family, friends, charities and customers.

Ingrid Talpak learned her skills of making gift baskets while working in the gift and floral industry. 

"I was a teenager and on my first day of work they showed me how to make a florist bow and when I finally mastered it my boss then told me to make 150 of them as part of a corporate order!"

Even when she left the gift and floral industry she continued to be in demand to make gift baskets making fruit baskets as get well gifts or group gift baskets for milestone celebrations. Now she enjoys making gift baskets for family, friends and for charities.

"There is such a great sense of accomplishment when pulling together everything you need to make a great gift basket. When the person that receives it is overwhelmed on how it looks there is a sense of pride, plus I love it when they think it is worth so much more than what it cost!"

As with the rest of her blog and businesses Ingrid loves sharing great information and seeing other succeed with knowledge they have gained from her.

"There is nothing better than teaching someone a skill and seeing them truly master it."

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