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Mickey Mouse Tablescape

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Mickey Mouse TablescapeOddly enough, this Mickey Mouse Tablescape was not for a child but for a 23 year old (hence the wine glasses on the table) with a love of Disney and a great sense of humor!

Pulling together a quick fun tablescape should be fast, easy and inexpensive and this tablescape was.

With just 3 elements I was able to make the whole table look  Mickey Mouse inspired. This theme would also work well for a baby shower.

It was a fun lighthearted party that the birthday girl truly enjoyed.

Easy Confetti Number Cake Toppers Using Glue Gun

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Make easy confetti number cake toppers
It is shockingly easy to create fun, memorable and unique cake toppers for any occasion.

Using your glue gun and a pattern you can make any number to fit the birthday boy or girl.

Best to make a day before you need it so you won't be rushed.

Let your imagination go wild in what colors you would like to make these numbers. 

I wanted mine to have the look of cake sprinkles!

Happy Birthday Banner - Printable

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free printable happy birthday bannerThis free printable birthday banner is bright and cheerful and easy to print off. Perfect for either a child or adult.

I made this free printable birthday banner in a multitude of colors so it can fit many color schemes  or you can take your color scheme from it.

Red, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple all pop up here, either in the lettering or the multicolored edging.

Simple to print of on paper there are cutting lines for easy trimming. Four letters to a sheet plus I added an extra empty frame if you needed to fill in a number.

Printable Number Birthday Cards for Children

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Printable number birthday cards for childrenFree Printable Number Birthday Cards are design so that you can easily and quickly download the PDF, fold, cut, sign your name and your done.

These cute little cards are ideal when you have several nieces/nephews or if you are a teacher/Sunday school teacher who likes to acknowledge birthdays or if you find that your own children are going to many classmates birthday parties. 

You know that the cost of cards can start really adding up but these bright happy number cards are great and depending on the paper you use will cost from about 2 cent to 10 cents each.

While I had designed something similar before having this is as a printable makes it  a quick and easy craft. Fun to receive these printable number birthday cards for children are perfect! 

Gift Tag From Santa - Free Printable

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Gift tag from Santa - free printableHow will your kids know if the gift is from Santa if the big guy hasn't put on a gift tag?

These Gift Tags from Santa will make sure that they know. A free printable they are easy to download.

These match in design the free Printable Envelope and free Printable Letter from Santa that I also designed this year. So if you use these gift tags they will complete the set.

The top of the gift tag from Santa has an official seal stating it is from Santa's Workshop North Pole.

Don't just use these Santa gift tags for you kids. Pop one on a friend's gift or your secret Santa recipient.

Letter From Santa - Free Printable Letters

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letter from Santa free printable letters
To match the envelope I made earlier in the week (Letter From Santa - Free Printable Envelope) here is a free printable letter from Santa himself.

I made three versions of this letter, two have greetings from Santa and one is blank so you can print in your own letter.

The free letters from Santa all have the same letterhead that was used in the stamp from the free printable envelope.

It is simple to print these out and tuck them into the envelope and then place them in with your own mail for the kids to find.

Letter From Santa - Free Printable Envelope

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free printable letter from SantaA letter from Santa is such an exciting thing to happen for a child before the holidays.

I have designed this free printable letter from Santa so your child knows that it is from the big guy himself.

This free printable letter from Santa starts with the envelope and is easy to print off and put together. All you need is a color printer and a glue stick.

The free printable letter from Santa has a postage stamp of Santa, a date stamp of December, a return address and an air mail stamp of a reindeer.

Make Beaded Bubble Wands

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Make a beaded bubble wandWhat could be more wonderful to blow bubbles with than a beaded bubble wand.

This could be a great craft for a birthday party and a kids group.

The decoration is simply placing whatever fabulous beads you have around onto a wire bubble wand that is very simple to make.

Make several and let the kids go wild with them. Everyone will have their favorite and these are inexpensive enough to make that you can let them go home with them.

A beaded bubble wand is a great way to start off spring.

Money Saving on School Supplies

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Money saving on school suppliesIt is wonderful to start school with all new supplies but if you have to buy them for several children it can become incredibly expensive. You want to save money and they want to spend it.

Not everything that they need has to be brand spanking new, especially if you already have what you need at home.

But how do you get your kids to take last years supplies to school when tv and fliers are waving shiny new stuff at them?

Your money saving on school supplies could be easier than you think.
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