Inexpensive  Luxury, Decorating, Entertaining, Gifting, DIY Fashion, and More!

So you want to live the good life but money is so tight it seems impossible? 

There are amazing inexpensive alternatives to the high priced items in our lives. You have to know where to seek them out!

 I want to show you how easy it can be to live in luxury without having a 6 figure income.  

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You keep hearing about great inexpensive deals that everyone else finds but you're just not finding anything worth while.
  • You hate your home because you can't decorate in the style that you would love so you surround yourself with cheap things "for now".
  • Your closet is full of clothes but nothing fits right or looks good and you don't have a dime to buy anything new.
  • You have a slew of birthdays and special occasions coming up but you still don't have the perfect gift for anyone so you will once again be pulling out your credit card and buying something you can't afford.

I Used to Feel that I Couldn't Stretch My Money Far Enough

I felt that I didn't have the cash and that I couldn't enjoy the things that I really wanted or the things I wanted to do.

But through my many careers that include working as an antique dealer, a florist, in high end retail and the food industry I've learned many trade secrets and money saving tips and tricks and how to get great cheap things that really stretch my money.


And Amazing - Here are Just a Few  Ideas You Will Find on this Website

  • How to save money shopping for almost anything
  • DIY fashion that doesn't look DIY - you can be the best dressed woman in the room while spending the least for your clothes
  • How to treat yourself to get-away travel weekends that are truly affordable
  • Entertain and throw parties for adults, kids and special occasions that will be the talk of your friends and family and cost just a sliver of what they suspect
  • Learn the secrets of how they decorate homes in magazines
  • How to pamper yourself for pennies
  • Great ideas on how to find, wrap and give the best gifts for a fraction of what others pay
  • PLUS my Radio Show Living With More Style Than Cash on

Living With More Style Than Cash The Radio Show

You can listen to me on on my one hour weekly show Living With More Style Than Cash. I interview fascinating people on how to get the best value from your money when you shop for clothes, home decor and even beauty items. Each Monday I interview money savvy people to get their best ideas on how to get the most for our money. Join me each week! 

Living With More Style Than Cash on

So if you want to change your life, make one dollar do the work of two (and look like five) start with Inexpensive Shopping or look through any of the main subjects on the left that will lead you to a bevy of great articles.  

I am here to show you how it is possible to live your life with More Style Than Cash. 


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