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Why Etiquette Still Matters

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I was at a casual dinner a while back where a young man heaped his plate full of food and started to eat while the rest of us were waiting for the hostess to start. 

The look on his face when he realized that he had unwittingly done something impolite was a mix of embarrassment, shame and surprise. 

To me it was a perfect example of why etiquette still matters, no one wanted this young man to feel uncomfortable but because he didn't know basic etiquette he was now squirming in his seat not knowing how to act.

The biggest misconception about etiquette is that is full of fake silly rules. The whole point of etiquette is to give people a basic understanding on how to act  that will make everyone feel respected and comfortable.

25 Things My Mother Taught Me

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Ingrid Talpak as a childMy daughter will be going off to university this September and I keep wondering if I have told her everything she needs to know.

Like my mother and grandmother before me I seem to be a fountain of constant information, so she tells me and yes, she has heard this all before.

Quite frankly it is what mothers do, try to make sure that their kids are prepared for when they leave the nest.

Here are 25 things that I had learned from my mother  that will always stay with me and I think helped me deal with life.
Sprucing up for summerSpring is here and we should all be looking fabulous but (sigh) sometimes it is a little hard to get out of the winter doldrums.

If you still have a bit of the winter drabs you need to spruce yourself up for the summer. This doesn't mean expensive spa treatments and hours of working out. You can just do a few little tricks to give yourself a bit more shine.

You probably have already packed away your heavy winter clothes so now is the time to get ready for the fabulous warm weather that is just ahead.

Nail Whitening Remedy - How To Whiten Yellow Nails

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How to brighten yellowing nailsIf you have found that you are getting a yellow tinge on your nails it could be from your nail polish, especially if you are using cheap brands.

While there are medical conditions that make your nails discolor that you should have a doctors look at most of the time when you nails turn yellow it's from nail polish. 

If the nails have been severely discolored then throw out the nail polish that you have been using. 

Switch to a brand of nail polish that advertises a non yellowing formula and let your nails breath in between manicures with no polish on them. Then try this to whiten them again.
Sliced appleHealthy eating is probably at the top of your list for your New Year's resolutions.

Of course you are not going to deprive your self of snacks but ideally that snack should be fast to grab, cheap, healthy and super easy to eat.

Even more you want to be able to take your snacks with you.

An apple fits all of these requirements but the trick of making it easy to eat is how you slice it up.

Apples are notorious for turning brown as soon as their flesh is exposed but there is a way of doing it that will keep them fresh for the day until you are ready to eat them.

Dry Skin Cures - Cheap Natural Ways to Help With Dry Skin

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Itchy handHeading into the winter season almost everyone dreads how the cold outdoor air and drying heated indoor air can throw off the balance of their skin.

Itchy, scaly dry skin can be a misery to live with and at some point it seems to hit us all that there is one patch that is driving us crazy and it seems that there is nothing we can do about it.

You have to make sure that you don't have some underlying medical condition that is making your skin dry. There are many health reasons that can cause dry skin including being deficient in some vitamins so make sure with your doctor that this is not something more serious.

If it is only annoying, irritating dry skin then read on for some great solutions.

How to Get a Stuck Ring Off Your Finger - Tips & Hints

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Rings in ring holderThere is nothing more panic inducing than realizing the ring that you just put on your finger is stuck and will not come off.

While your first instinct is to tug on it until it gets loose DON"T. You need to stay calm and collected.

You do not want to excite yourself so much that your hand begins to swell.

Follow these easy steps and all should be well.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Look Richer, Younger, Thinner

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CosmeticsNo one will ever say that looking your absolute best won't cost you money.

Great style will cost you some cash, but it doesn't mean that you can't do it on a shoe string.

 If $1000 facials, expensive exercise club memberships and designer clothes are out of the questions then follow these suggestions to get the same results for thousands of dollars less.

There are cheaper ways to look richer, younger and thinner.

Aspirin bottleWe spend money make our lives better but what if we were buying items that were actually making us sick?

When we just listen to advertisers and buy with out researching the product, we might be missing warning labels and signs that these products have hidden dangers.

Every year tens of thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada end up in their doctors offices or even in emergency because of a product that they used. You might be sabotaging your health with out even knowing it.
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