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Sprucing up for summerSpring is here and we should all be looking fabulous but (sigh) sometimes it is a little hard to get out of the winter doldrums.

If you still have a bit of the winter drabs you need to spruce yourself up for the summer. This doesn't mean expensive spa treatments and hours of working out. You can just do a few little tricks to give yourself a bit more shine.

You probably have already packed away your heavy winter clothes so now is the time to get ready for the fabulous warm weather that is just ahead.

How to Make a Ribbon Rose and Bow Bracelets

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Ribbon Heart and Bow Bracelets
These two sweet, lovely ribbon bracelets are so romantic  and very easy to make.

Just in time for Valentine's you can either make them for yourself or give them to a friend.

With just a bit of ribbon, some glue, velcro strips, and a few stitches they are made quite quickly.

I originally designed them for a craft to do during one of my
Ribbon Rose Bracelet on wrist
daughter's sleep-overs and the girls were delighted with them.

While I show how to do them with satin ribbon they look equally as pretty if done in a sheer ribbon.  You can make them in larger sizes as well but you will have to adjust the measurements.

These would also be very sweet as an accessory for a flower girl or bridesmaid.

Secret to Breaking In Shoes

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Black dress shoesShoes, shoes, shoes. 

Ain't they just wonderful!

But those gorgeous pair of shoes that you just bought (hopefully on sale) need to to broken in. 

No matter how expensive your lovely dress shoes are chances are that you just can't slip them on and dance the night away. 

They haven't formed to your feet yet and within hours they can be very, very, painful.

There is an easy trick that will make your shoes much more comfortable for you.

Following the Fashion Trends - 5 Cheap Ways to Wear High Style

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Fashionmodel.jpgContrary to popular opinion, you don't need to run out and buy a new closet full of clothes to make yourself look fashionable and stunning. You just need to know how to read the fashion magazines and figure out what pieces to add to update what you already own.

No one can deny that fashion has a impact on our lives. Who hasn't felt like a poor cousin beside a beautifully dressed, stylish woman. Knowing that you look good can give you a lot of extra confidence.

Fashion changes from year to year but not so drastically as you think. To follow the fashion trends and make yourself look like a fashionista is a lot cheaper and easier than you would think.

Here are 5 cheap ways to dress in the latest styles with out breaking the bank. 

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Perrier spray bottleThe spray bottle that we use for ironing cracked the other day and I headed off to the recycle bin to see if I could find another bottle that would fit the spray top. 

Much to our amusement the Perrier bottle we had in there was a perfect fit.

It adds a certain amount of class to the laundry room and I can't wait for my sister's reaction when she spies it in there.

Bottle sizes over the last several years have tended to be more uniform and it is now quite easy to exchange the top from one bottle to another. 

Why would you want to do this?

Classic clothesThere are some clothes that are so classic you can buy them now and still be wearing them 10 years from now. These are the staples in so many women's closets that they reach for time and time again.

A lot of these clothes came from either the sporting life where they were design for comfort and practical or from trades and professions that had these clothes tweaked until they were perfect. 

While they will sometimes storm the fashion runways with weird twists and novel colors there basic designs are so practical that they will never change. When should you invest in these classics? 
Cedar blocks and chipsThere is something so very clean and fresh smelling about cedar.

It's an natural deodorizer and for centuries good housekeepers knew that if some was kept by wool items it would keep the moths away from them.

There is much less damage done to wool now a days because we wear less wool and we now know that it must be stored away laundered as it is the stains on wool clothes that attracts the moths. But still we love the smell of cedar and use it in our closets. Buy it from a specialty shop and it can be pricey... but there is a better way to get your cedar for your closet.

Bristol board sock organizerI have to admit that I love scenes in movie where they show the closets of fabulously wealthy people. 

It's not the amount of clothes that I covet, it's how everything is so amazingly organized!

Organizers can be extraordinarily expensive especially if you have them custom made and while I love the idea of being uber organized I am not willing to pay oodles of money for it.

I designed this organized to be made out of 4 sheets of Bristol board costing $2 plus tax. It does take a little bit of time to make but I think the effort is worth it. With the basics of how it's made you can customize one to fit your own space.

How to Make Your Fakes and Faux Look Fabulously Real

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Fake and Faux Jewelry
You own this great gold colored necklace that looks so spectacular that you had to have it, but every time you wear it some one stares at it and comments, "That's not real, is it." 

While it is an amazingly good copy you still can't pull it off as the real thing. 

Why not? 

You can buy copies of almost any type of jewelry, high end leather goods, designer glasses, clothes and purses and it is a great way to dress well on a budget.  

You might not be able to afford a 1 carat diamond earrings but you certainly can afford to buy a fake. But how can you wear your fakes so people don't think that they are fake.
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