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How to Sew a Bra Strap Holder

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Sewing a bra strap holderHaving a bra strap continually slip out can be irritating. You want to look pulled together and not constantly tugging at your clothes.

A bra strap holder is a simple thing to sew in your tank tops and any other clothes that have narrow straps.

It use to be quite common to have bra strap holders sewn into clothes and it is one of those little things that manufacturers have stopped doing to cut costs.

It will only take a few minutes to sew these into your clothes and you will be feeling more pulled together once you have them.

How to Inventory Your Jewelry

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Inventory of jewelry
Jewelry can be some of the most sentimental items that you own and possible some of the most valuable as well.

Some women collect jewelry from the time they are toddlers and always think that more is better, no matter what the quality is. Others prefer to have a few very valuable select pieces. 

For the majority of women, the reality is somewhere in between. 

Photo by Sabrina Sikora
how to sell your clothes for cash
Selling or trading your clothes makes perfect sense if you want to re-coup some of the money that you have spent to maintain your wardrobe.

You might have clothes that were gifts and never worn, or clothes that you bought and then quickly discovered that they made you look terrible. 

You hate the idea of just giving it all away.

While many charities survive on the generous donations of clothes that are given to their thrift shops don't feel that you have no other options to get rid of your good quality clothes that you no longer need. You can make some cash from your closet.

Valentine's Day Satin & Rose Scarf

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Make a Satin Rose Scarf
By the time Valentine's Day rolls around many of us are just sick and tired of the cold weather. 

What better way to boost your spirits and your wardrobe than with this Satin and Rose Scarf.

Satin always adds an elegance to  an outfit and is unexpected in a scarf.

This layered scarf is surprisingly warm as it has a core of cotton flannel. 

The rose embellishment is an easy to make lovely accent.

Choose a color to either match your outerwear or something that will lift your spirits.

How To Use The 2014 Color of the Year

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Color of the Year 2014
The 2014 color of the year was announced as Radiant Orchid.

Describe by Pantone as: 

"an expressive, creative and embracing purple--one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones".

But what does the color of the year mean to you and how can you use it to your advantage?

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag - Free Pattern

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How to sew a fold up shopping bag free patternI designed this fold up shopping bag several years ago but wasn't able at the time to give a free PDF of the pattern.

I now have a free pattern to share with you which makes sewing the nifty little fold up shopping bag a breeze.

Once you have made one you will be addicted and find yourself quickly making them for gifts.

I have made several which I keep in my glove compartment of my car so I never have to pay for plastic bags if I decide to do a quick shopping trip.

The best thing about making your own fold up shopping bags is that you can personalize the fabric to what suits you.
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Easy Summer Backpack to Sew

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Summer backpack to sew
This backpack pattern is so simple to sew you can make one up in less than an hour.

I use to send my kids to swimming lessons with these backpacks as they were small enough to fit on their backs but large enough to hold their beach towels, brushes, bathing suits and other bits and pieces that they needed.

As I always made mine from cotton they were simple to throw in the wash (after removing the cords) to get rid of the chlorine smell from their wet bathing suits.

These can be used for all different purposes for kids, filled with what they need to go off to day camp, bible camp or off to friends for an afternoon.

Of course these are ideal for yourself during the summer when you want a fun bag instead of a purse.

The Secret of How to Clean Silk

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Secrets of how to clean silkSilk is a wonderful luxury item that feels amazing against your skin. It should be kept scrupulously clean so the fibers don't get damaged and "shatter' the fabric.

While you could take you silk scarves and clothes to a dry cleaner it does get pricey and all those chemicals they use really are not good for the silk.

There is an easy and relatively cheap way for you to wash and take care of all your silk at home.

I have been collecting antique and vintage silk scarves for years and I learned this method from a fabric conservator-restorer. This is the only way I will clean them now.
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