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Fast Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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how to cook fast perfect hard boiled eggsThere has been a lot of odd things written about how to make perfect hard boiled eggs that include all sorts of additives to the water.

When you need hard boiled eggs that look perfect in the shell it is frustrating when half of them end up cracking.

I have two methods on how to cook eggs so that they are perfect and will reduce cracking. Chose which one is best for you for the situation.

Easy Confetti Number Cake Toppers Using Glue Gun

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Make easy confetti number cake toppers
It is shockingly easy to create fun, memorable and unique cake toppers for any occasion.

Using your glue gun and a pattern you can make any number to fit the birthday boy or girl.

Best to make a day before you need it so you won't be rushed.

Let your imagination go wild in what colors you would like to make these numbers. 

I wanted mine to have the look of cake sprinkles!

How To Dress A Bottle Of Champagne

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how to dress a bottle of champagne
Dressing a bottle of champagne gives it an extra bit of prestige when presented on a table.

This was something that I was taught to do years ago but doesn't seem to be done so often anymore.

In the high end florist store I worked we were routinely brought bottles of expensive wines and alcohols to dress them or the cradles that they were being served in.

For one of our own recent parties I dresses this Methuselah sized (yes, that is the correct term) bottle of bubbly as it was the show piece of the wine table.
how to make the perfect Irish CoffeeSt. Patrick's Day is when everyone find a little bit of Irish in themselves. 

You can join the festivities by putting back some green beer but if beer is not your drink of choice why not try an Irish Coffee.

Very popular it is a sweet coffee with liquor, great for finishing off a meal.

Add a four clover garnish and you will be celebrating St. Patty's Day in style.

Make a Tea Towel Chef's Apron

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how to make a tea towel chef's apronYou need to get ready for some spring cleaning and to get yourself in the mood why not whip up a tea towel chef's apron.

Tea towels often go on sale and it is a pity just to use the great colors and patterns that they come in just for mopping up.

This apron was made with two 99 cent tea towels I picked up at the Cambridge Towel Outlet Sale.

Easy to make this tea towel chef's apron is meant to be washed many times and still look good.

These can also be made up quickly as gifts for the cooks, barbequers and bakers in your life.

Happy Birthday Banner - Printable

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free printable happy birthday bannerThis free printable birthday banner is bright and cheerful and easy to print off. Perfect for either a child or adult.

I made this free printable birthday banner in a multitude of colors so it can fit many color schemes  or you can take your color scheme from it.

Red, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple all pop up here, either in the lettering or the multicolored edging.

Simple to print of on paper there are cutting lines for easy trimming. Four letters to a sheet plus I added an extra empty frame if you needed to fill in a number.

King Cake Cupcakes- Printable Topper

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King Cake Cupcake Topper - Printable
If you have ever been to New Orleans before Mardi Gras the you will have seen King Cakes, the traditional cake that is sold in shops from January 6th until Fat Tuesday.

King Cake celebrates the visit of the Magis to the Christ Child .  Hence the 3 Kings and the tradition of having a small baby trinket in the cake. Who ever gets the baby has to bake the next cake. 

Usually decorated in the colors purple, green and gold to symbolize justice, faith and power.

While placing a plastic baby inside the cake is a tradition I am not a big fan of choking hazards so I designed these with a printable of a baby that you can tape to the bottom of one of the cupcakes.

And The Envelope Please - Envelope Napkin Fold

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Making a envelope napkin foldHere is an amusing way to fold your table napkins for your Academy Award dinner or buffet.

Making them look like the famous envelopes that the winners' names are presented in.

The Envelope Napkin Fold is simple and fast to do and has a small embellishment to finish it off.

Set on a gold rimmed plate it looks positively regal.

You could place small cards inside with questions for your guests, such as, "Who Won Best Actress in 1978?" 

Oscar Party Printable Statue Trophy

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Oscar Party Printable Statue TrophyHosting an Oscar Party? Why not print off some Oscar Party Printable Statues for your buffet table or to have as decorations.

While the real image of the Oscar is copyright protected this gold statue looks surprisingly like it.

You could even give out your own statues to family and friends. How about an award for "Most Calm in an Awkward Situation" or "Best Actor During Office Politics".

These are printed out on cardstock and the base folds back to make a stand. He stands 7 1/2 inches tall.
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