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Vintage Horse Print Printables

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2 Vintage Horse Prints Printable 1.jpg
With the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby I thought I would offer these vintage horse print printables.

I would be nice to use them on your bar or buffet table if you were hosting a Run for the Roses party.

They show a variety of horses including a Polo Pony, Standardbred Trotter and of course a Thoroughbred Race Horse.

The image on the prints are about 5 1/4 by 7 1/2 inches and will fit into a 8 by 10 inch frame that has matting. (MoreStyleThanCash will not appear in the printable)
Easter egg decorating ideas using markers and watercolor pencilsEaster Egg decorating can be loads of fun but sometimes you might want some interesting new decorating ideas.

I love to have colored eggs but every year we try to do something a little different in the mix. 

Partially dipping the egg so you have a oval area to decorate can bring out your inner Rembrandt. 

Using markers and water color pencils give an opportunity for some interesting creative ideas.

Here are 3 different decorating ideas that you can try on your eggs this Easter.

Easy Easter Bunny to Sew

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super easy Easter Bunny to SewThis bright cheerful little Easter Bunny is quick to sew and fun to give.

Pop him into an Easter Basket as a lovely gift.

It is a super easy bunny to sew and take only 11 x 15 inches of fabric.

You could sew up a bevy or bunnies!

My easy pattern and sewing  instructions are simple enough for a beginner and fun for an experienced sewer to whip through.

Toss a few on the mantle to welcome Easter.

Printable Easter Card

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Easter chick card free printable
Antique Easter postcards have lovely graphics to them and I pulled this image from one of them to make into Easter card for either your Easter Baskets or gifts that you are giving at Easter.

I have always found small cards to be so useful in gift giving and decorating. 

You could use this on your Easter table with a sentiment inside.

This Easter image came from the heyday of postcards which was from about 1907 to 1915.

These size of the card is 3  3/8 inches by 4 inches.

Easter Carrot Box - Printable

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Easter carrot box free printable
Here is a fun way to give gifts at Easter. Print off a fast and simple Easter Carrot Box.

These small boxes are a perfect addition to your Easter Basket or you could use them as a small gift or as a table decoration!

It is best to print this off on card stock if you want it to be sturdy but if you just need a decorative one-time-use little box then regular paper will be fine. You would have to tape all the edges for added support and once opened it would be finished.

So what to put in this little Easter Box? You could put in a special candy, a small piece of jewelry or the beginning clue to a treasure hunt, the options are endless.

Decorating Easter Eggs With A Glue Gun

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Decorate your Easter Eggs with a Glue GunFor a different way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year why not use your glue gun?

I used a glue gun to make a simple design on these boiled eggs then dipped them in food dye to achieve a beautiful mauve/blue.

The clear glue from the glue gun leaves a subtle raised design.

For something a little unusual try these Easter Eggs Decorated with a glue gun.

Organizing Your Crafting

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Organizing your craft room
Your crafting hobbies can take over your house!

There is a world of crafting for us to enjoy but as most of it requires that you buy some type of specialty supplies or equipment and the cost of it can pile up very quickly (and so can the space that it uses.)

It use to be that crafts were considered to be a inexpensive hobby that would save people money but now craft stores are filled with all sorts of fun and expensive things to buy.

If you are an avid crafter you might have everything from paintbrushes to yarn, all squirreled away ready for you to delve into. But sometimes crafting can get out of hand.

It becomes depressing, not fun, when there are piles of half finished crafts though out the house or worse still, crafts that are half done but get ruined because they are moved from spot to spot to make way.

Organizing your crafting can make you hobby more fun when you know that your supplies are neatly placed away ready for you to start your next project without having to search through out the house to find what you need.

Free Recycled Plant Markers

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free recycled plant markersThe seasons they are a'changin' and it's time to get seeds into the ground. 

Sometimes you forget what went where and you're not sure if you have a bumper crop of parsley coming up or if its just weeds!

Plant markers are vital to a garden but they are also something that you don't want to spend a lot (or any) money on.

I have been making these easy free plant markers for years just using old plastic containers that were on their way to the recycling bin.

Fast and easy to make these free recycled plant markers  are great for your own garden or to pass around to family and friends.

Easy Confetti Number Cake Toppers Using Glue Gun

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Make easy confetti number cake toppers
It is shockingly easy to create fun, memorable and unique cake toppers for any occasion.

Using your glue gun and a pattern you can make any number to fit the birthday boy or girl.

Best to make a day before you need it so you won't be rushed.

Let your imagination go wild in what colors you would like to make these numbers. 

I wanted mine to have the look of cake sprinkles!

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   
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