Halloween Treat Bags - Printable

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Halloween treat bags printableIf you are holding a Halloween Party, have a group that you will be giving treats to, or your children exchange treats at Halloween with classmates these little treat bags are ideal!

For children that have allergies or can not eat candy these are a perfect way to customize the treats.

Easily made from one sheet of regular or colored paper they are very easy to assemble.

Boo, Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat? are on the front of these small bags.

There is a free printable PDF to print from and with a little glue you are done!

Thanksgiving Place-cards - Printable

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Thanksgiving placecardCanadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and I have designed this cute little Thanksgiving Place card for the table.

The nice thing about having Thanksgiving so much earlier than American Thanksgiving is often the weather is still beautiful and we get to enjoy the amazing color of the autumn leaves.

The image on this place-card is from a cookbook from the 19th century.

Ten Money Saving Things To Buy That Will Pay For Themselves

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things to buy to save money light bulbWe budget and we save and we still spend, spend, spend. No matter how smart and frugal you are there are items that you have to put money out for day after day, year after year.

You can tighten the rein on a lot of items you buy. Saving money is easier when you know what you should be buying in the first place that is money saving in the long run.

While sometimes you might be putting out a bit more money in the beginning your saving will be showing within a year.

So here is a list of ten things to buy to save money.
Knockoff curseThere is a joy to owning something that is made of quality. A Chanel bag, Gucci purse, Louboutin shoes. They shout to the world that you have money and style. But if you have to pinch pennies then the sad truth is that these items probably are out of your reach. 

Savvy counterfeiters know that people crave these expensive brands and over the years have flooded the market with knockoffs at affordable prices.

Fashion houses hate knockoff for many reasons, they are cheaply made, they ruin the brand and they take money away from the real thing.

While many fashion forward women will buy knockoffs with the justification that it really doesn't hurt anyone, new research is showing the person that gets hurt the most might be themselves. Owning a knockoff might be making you into a liar and a cheat.

Money Saving Basics - Stocking Your Home with Luxury- The Bathroom

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Stocking your bathroom with luxuryYou bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is also a money pit because you constantly need to restock it.

While saving money is one of your first concerns sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more to use quality items that last longer.

When should you save and when should you splurge when stocking your bathroom?

Here is my money saving ideas of how to stock up the basics for your bathroom.

Does It Really Need to Be New - How Much Can You Buy Second Hand

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buying second handIn the last 50 years commercials have done a great job in convincing us that new is better than used.

The mind set is  that if it was owned by anyone else then there must be something wrong with it.

You need to buy all shiny and new.

We have all been in homes that have been filled with old second hand stuff and thought that there is no way we would live like that. But there are people that only buy second hand and have gorgeous homes.

How do you have a happy medium? What can you live on second hand and when should you buy new?

How to Press Leaves

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How to Press Leaves
Such an beautiful and easy thing to do at this time of year is pressing leaves and then using them decoratively around your home.

Albert Camus called fall a second spring with every leaf a flower.

The colors that the leaves change to can be so vibrant that you just want them to say that way forever.

Pressing leaves is easy to do and something that your children can get involved with.

Are You a Saver, Stockpiler or Hoarder?

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saving stockpiling hoardingStuff, stuff, stuff. We all have it. Some of us more than others. Buy how do you know if you have so much stuff that it might be a problem?

We can all justify why we have so much stuff and often we will argue that what we are doing is financially savvy. You need to buy things to save money, right?

But are you in denial? We have all probably seen the television shows about hoarders and figure if our lives are not that bad we don't really have to worry. But as an antique dealer part of my trade was buying from estates and making appraisals and some of the homes were eye popping in what I saw.

There is a difference between a person that saves, stockpiles and hoards but it can be a slippery slope and you need to know if you are in danger of becoming out of control.

Making Any Tissue Box a Designer Box

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Make any tissue box a designer box
It is the little things in life that matter and you can even be fussy about such things as how your tissue box looks.

While it might sound a bit over the top, having a garish or just plain ugly tissue box in a room that you have spent a lot of time and effort to look just right can be jarring.

I am the first to admit that I don't want to spend a lot of money on tissues so we only buy on sale and usually in bulk.

But I have a very simple way of making the ugly generic tissue boxes look better.
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