How To Buy A Castle

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how to buy a castle
One of the main points of More Style Than Cash is to save you money on the small things so you can enjoy the really big things in life.

In case you have squirreled away a sizable chunk of change and was thinking about upgrading to  something a little more palatial I thought we could discuss the ins and outs of buying a castle.

Castles come up for sale more often than you would think and they are not like buying other properties as they have their own set of challenges you should know about.

Even if your budget doesn't let you splurge quite yet here are somethings to think about.

Shoe Repair - Ten Secrets From An Expert

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Shoe repair
Shoes can be heartbreaking. You find a gorgeous pair of shoes on sale in your size and life is glorious. But when a heel breaks, a strap snaps or a seam splits that joy can turn to regret and sorrow.

Your best friend can be a shoe repairman. But is there something you should know about shoe repair even before you lose your heart to those perfect pair of pumps.

Joe Goias of the Village Cobbler has been in the shoe repair business for over 25 years and has trained and worked with some of the best in the business. He has seen the good, bad and ugly in shoe repair and has a wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to share.

Here are his top 10 tips to get your most from your shoes and shoe repairs.

Gift Under $10 - Gifting Champagne/Bubbly

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gift under $10Gifts for under $10 can be hard to find. You want something that looks a lot more than what you have spent!

Trying to find a gift for under $10 can be frustrating if you are browsing through low end stores. Everything that you find there just screams cheap.

One of my favorite gifts to give is a bottle of bubbly and since presentation is everything this never looks cheap.

Easy to find and quick to make up, if you need an elegant gift for under $10 this might be your best bet.

How To Make A Lily Of The Valley Arrangement

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How to Make a Lily of the Valley flower arrangement
It is easy to learn how to make a Lily of the Valley arrangement. These highly scented little flowers are fabulous to have in the house. 

My garden is filled with flowers that have scent or sentiment  (I remember the same flowers from my mother's garden as a child) and to have these in the home always brings a smile to my lips.

Lily of the Valley are a very romantic flowers and you will see them often used in bridal bouquets in the spring time. As in all flowers there are little tricks on how to make an arrangement with Lily of the Valley.

How to Make a Wine Glass Lamp

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Make a wine glass table lampI designed these little Wine Glass Lamps because there have been many times where I need a temporary light that I wanted to look pretty. 

If I am hosting a party I don't want long hallways or unused rooms to be dark so placing these little lamps about gives the right amount of light.

Wine Glass Lamps are also useful if you are hosting a party outside but want light to show the way to the powder room or kitchen. Here I am showing it on a buffet table.

They are based on the idea of making wine glasses into candles but these can be placed out unattended without the fear of fire since they are electric.

Make Beaded Bubble Wands

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Make a beaded bubble wandWhat could be more wonderful to blow bubbles with than a beaded bubble wand.

This could be a great craft for a birthday party and a kids group.

The decoration is simply placing whatever fabulous beads you have around onto a wire bubble wand that is very simple to make.

Make several and let the kids go wild with them. Everyone will have their favorite and these are inexpensive enough to make that you can let them go home with them.

A beaded bubble wand is a great way to start off spring.

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag - Free Pattern

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How to sew a fold up shopping bag free patternI designed this fold up shopping bag several years ago but wasn't able at the time to give a free PDF of the pattern.

I now have a free pattern to share with you which makes sewing the nifty little fold up shopping bag a breeze.

Once you have made one you will be addicted and find yourself quickly making them for gifts.

I have made several which I keep in my glove compartment of my car so I never have to pay for plastic bags if I decide to do a quick shopping trip.

The best thing about making your own fold up shopping bags is that you can personalize the fabric to what suits you.

Childhood Photos of Mother for Mother's Day

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childhood photos of mother for Mother's day
For Mother's Day many moms will say that they don't want anything. But it is the thought that counts and you want to get them something memorable. Something that will put a smile on her face.

You know that mom has a houseful of photos of the family when you were all little, but does she have any photos out of herself when she was a child?

As kids we think of our mothers as always being a grown up and forgetting that they had a childhood as well. This Mother's Day why not give her a framed photo of herself when she was a child in the acknowledgement that her childhood was important as well.

Mother's Day Tablescape

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Mother's Day TablescapeWhat nicer way of treating Mom than to give her a special lunch or dinner. While flowery and sweet designs are nice if your mother has a bit more sophisticated tastes then she might want something rather more elegant a little less frilly.

This is a simple but elegant tablescape that was designed around the purple grape hyacinths that grow rampant through my garden in the spring. (These flowers were actually cut from my front lawn where they had escaped the confines of the garden.)

With touches of blue/purple and gold this tablescape has a regal feel to it.
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