How to Make a Fall Flower Arrangement

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fall flower arrangementThere is a easy way to add a little bit of color and grace to your home for Thanksgiving by making a simple fall arrangement.

I happened onto these everlasting flowers (helichrysums) and statice at my local farmers market and bought two bunches for $7. I also added Dusty Miller leaves that were still in my fall garden as extra foliage.

If you don't have a farmers market near by you can check out to see what you local florist might have in stock that is in these fall colors of yellows, oranges, dark rose and other colors that the leaves are in this time of year. 

While I used these flowers fresh you can also make this arrangement with dried varieties of the flower.

Spooky Halloween Portraits in Frames

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spooky Halloween portraits in framesFor the last several years dollar stores and craft stores have been selling wonderfully spooky portraits that when looked at a different angle turn into creep images.

While I love the look of these portraits I'm not so enamored with the "frames" that they come in and decided that I could do something better.

Placed around my home these have an added ghoulish effect since I mingle them amongst  genuine photos of relatives.

How to Carve Apples for Halloween

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Carved apples for HalloweenWhile flowers and greenery are always great to have on the table as a center piece they seem a little too...tame for a Halloween meal (unless you use a plant like Venus Fly Trap).

Swap them out for an evening with these grinning apples. Apples are easy to carve and quick to do.

All that you will need are a few fresh apples, a paring knife and a little bit of time. Place un-carved apples in a bowl and your carved ones on top for an instant easy Halloween center piece.

Best of all you can eat you center piece when you are done with it!

Skull & Medical Printables for Halloween

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Halloween - Skull and body part prints free printable
For something goulish for Halloween why not print off these free PDF's of medical body parts.

I found a old beat up book of anatomy at a antique shop years ago that was filled with macabre etching of the human body.

Beautifully illustrated I have made it my Halloween tradition to place these out every year.

For a unique trick or treat bag you could glue one of these images to a large black gift bag.

While these images are a little creepy they are not gory which makes them a bit more fun.

More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.

Halloween Treat Bags - Printable

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Halloween treat bags printableIf you are holding a Halloween Party, have a group that you will be giving treats to, or your children exchange treats at Halloween with classmates these little treat bags are ideal!

For children that have allergies or can not eat candy these are a perfect way to customize the treats.

Easily made from one sheet of regular or colored paper they are very easy to assemble.

Boo, Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat? are on the front of these small bags.

There is a free printable PDF to print from and with a little glue you are done!

Thanksgiving Place-cards - Printable

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Thanksgiving placecardCanadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and I have designed this cute little Thanksgiving Place card for the table.

The nice thing about having Thanksgiving so much earlier than American Thanksgiving is often the weather is still beautiful and we get to enjoy the amazing color of the autumn leaves.

The image on this place-card is from a cookbook from the 19th century.

Ten Money Saving Things To Buy That Will Pay For Themselves

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things to buy to save money light bulbWe budget and we save and we still spend, spend, spend. No matter how smart and frugal you are there are items that you have to put money out for day after day, year after year.

You can tighten the rein on a lot of items you buy. Saving money is easier when you know what you should be buying in the first place that is money saving in the long run.

While sometimes you might be putting out a bit more money in the beginning your saving will be showing within a year.

So here is a list of ten things to buy to save money.
Knockoff curseThere is a joy to owning something that is made of quality. A Chanel bag, Gucci purse, Louboutin shoes. They shout to the world that you have money and style. But if you have to pinch pennies then the sad truth is that these items probably are out of your reach. 

Savvy counterfeiters know that people crave these expensive brands and over the years have flooded the market with knockoffs at affordable prices.

Fashion houses hate knockoff for many reasons, they are cheaply made, they ruin the brand and they take money away from the real thing.

While many fashion forward women will buy knockoffs with the justification that it really doesn't hurt anyone, new research is showing the person that gets hurt the most might be themselves. Owning a knockoff might be making you into a liar and a cheat.
Stocking your bathroom with luxuryYou bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is also a money pit because you constantly need to restock it.

While saving money is one of your first concerns sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more to use quality items that last longer.

When should you save and when should you splurge when stocking your bathroom?

Here is my money saving ideas of how to stock up the basics for your bathroom.
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