Pumpkin Carving Basics - Tricks and Secrets

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Pumpkin Carving Basics - Tricks and Secrets
There are some basics of pumpkin carving that if you know will make it quicker and more fun to do and also give you a nicer Jack-o-lantern to display.

There are some amazing artist out there that can do really incredible things to pumpkins but you just might want to know how to get a decent looking Jack-o-lantern that you can put on the front porch for Halloween.

While carving pumpkins is a simple thing there are a few tricks that will give you a nicer looking Jack in the end.

Halloween Banner - Printable

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Halloween bannerA Halloween Banner is a fast fun way to decorate for Halloween. This free printable Halloween Banner is very easy to assemble. 

It reads, Something Wicked This Way Comes. (Shakespeare Act 4 Scene 1)

Simply print out the letters on card stock, cut, string together and hang up.

Halloween banners can be hung in various places. 

It could be hung in a front widow, over a staircase or on the mantle of a fireplace.

Soap Souvenirs - Fabulous Travel Keepsakes

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soap, soup souvenirsSouvenirs can be a lot of fun to remember your great travels but you really don't want to start cluttering up your home with a lot of dust collectors.

I'm always on the look out for something fun and interesting to bring home with me that will truly make me remember my trip.

We are all advised not to take any nature out of the area as hordes of tourist doing the same thing can decimate a habitat.

Soap has become my new travel souvenir. 

How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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How to roast pumpkin seedsEver wonder how to roast pumpkin seeds? I know that every time you scoop out the inners from your Jack-o-lanterns the thought probably crosses you mind.

It is easy to roast these tasty little snacks but I do have to admit I have never found a graceful way to eat them.

Sitting on the back porch eating the roasted pumpkin seeds with the kids on a warm autumn day it probably the best way to go about it.

Pumpkin seeds are full great vitamins. They have most of the B vitamins and vitamins A and C.  These are a tasty little snack that are easy to make.

Thanksgiving Place Card - Printable

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Thanksgiving place card free printableA Thanksgiving Place Card sets the mood for a Thanksgiving Feast. This Thanksgiving place card features a rather saucy looking antique turkey.

Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend and I designed these for our table. The bright colors of the turkey can be mimicked throughout your tablescape. 

The original image for this turkey was from a postcard from the early part of the 20th century.

Print out the cards, cut and fold and you are done.

Elegant and Easy Baby Shower Gift Wrapping

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baby shower gift wrapping ideasHere is an easy and elegant way to wrap a baby shower gift.

No need to buy any wrapping paper as this is done with tissue paper, white ribbon and a medallion that you can print off on your own printer.

Done in dark blue for my newest relative Elijah with his initials on the medallion you can customize the colors to suit yourself along with whatever initials would be appropriate. 

A little bear holding a baby spoon graces the top of the gift instead of a bow. Read how I pulled this together.

Flower Arranging with Fall Wildflowers

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Fall wildflower arrangements, how to arrange wildflowers
Fall wildflowers can be some of the most beautiful and hardy of the year.

Fall is probably my favorite time to do flower arrangements with wildflowers since they are so abundant near my home.

I can fill my house with beautiful fall wildflower arrangements that have been absolutely free.

If you have never made flower arrangements with wild flowers and think that they will only look good in country settings then let me change your mind. Depending on the flowers that you chose you can make them look sophisticated and fit into almost any decor.

Dutch Apple Cake Recipe

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Dutch apple cakePerfect for fall this Dutch Apple Cake recipe is one of my favorite quick and easy things to bake at this time of the year.

It's not too sweet so it makes a perfect breakfast cake if you are having people over for brunch or just want to treat yourself.

This Dutch Apple Cake I originally found in a 1950's cookbook and was ideal for the frugal housewife as it only takes one egg.

This easy to make cake will become one of your fall favorites as well.

How To Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware

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how to sell your silver plated silverware or flatware
Knowing how to sell silver plated silverware and flatware can at times be tricky. I was in the antique business for over 15 years (and I still dabble) and silverplate was one of the things that I loved to buy and sell.

I found that most people are not very knowledgeable about silver plate and there was a lot of misconceptions out there about how much you could sell silver plate and flatware for and where to sell silver plate and flatware.

It doesn't matter if you have a houseful or just a few items, it you are looking at selling silver plate  there are a few things that you should know so that you get the most cash for what you have.
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