Easy Writing With Chocolate

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Easy writing with chocolateWriting with chocolate is surprisingly easy and can give you amazing results.

It is a way to turn a simple dessert into something that looks absolutely stunning.

You can write a person's name, as I did here, or a greeting like Happy Birthday or just an expression, like Enjoy.

The best thing about this is that you can write what you need a few days before and just plate your dessert and apply it.

At a recent dinner party I wrote all the guests names on their dessert plates.

Gift Tag From Santa - Free Printable

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Gift tag from Santa - free printableHow will your kids know if the gift is from Santa if the big guy hasn't put on a gift tag?

These Gift Tags from Santa will make sure that they know. A free printable they are easy to download.

These match in design the free Printable Envelope and free Printable Letter from Santa that I also designed this year. So if you use these gift tags they will complete the set.

The top of the gift tag from Santa has an official seal stating it is from Santa's Workshop North Pole.

Don't just use these Santa gift tags for you kids. Pop one on a friend's gift or your secret Santa recipient.

NOEL Print - Free Printable

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Noel Print free printable
Falalalala! I love to decorate throughout the house, especially at Christmas and I will change out artwork during the year. 

Noel is such a classic Christmas word and so I designed this Noel Print as a free printable.

This free printable Noel Print is easy to download from my PDF, pop it into a 11 x 13 inch frame that has a 8 x 10 mat.

The beauty of this Noel Print is that it will suit any decor from classic to modern depending on what frames you use.

I am actually going to put mine in our main floor powder room.

Letter From Santa - Free Printable Letters

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letter from Santa free printable letters
To match the envelope I made earlier in the week (Letter From Santa - Free Printable Envelope) here is a free printable letter from Santa himself.

I made three versions of this letter, two have greetings from Santa and one is blank so you can print in your own letter.

The free letters from Santa all have the same letterhead that was used in the stamp from the free printable envelope.

It is simple to print these out and tuck them into the envelope and then place them in with your own mail for the kids to find.

Letter From Santa - Free Printable Envelope

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free printable letter from SantaA letter from Santa is such an exciting thing to happen for a child before the holidays.

I have designed this free printable letter from Santa so your child knows that it is from the big guy himself.

This free printable letter from Santa starts with the envelope and is easy to print off and put together. All you need is a color printer and a glue stick.

The free printable letter from Santa has a postage stamp of Santa, a date stamp of December, a return address and an air mail stamp of a reindeer.

Blue And White Place Card - Printable

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Blue and white place card
This blue and white place card was done for a setting where I wanted to pop more color into my table scape.

With white linens and napkins I need just a pop more blue and this blue and white place card was perfect.

It matches a lot of my blue and white collection without me having to add to it.

It is an easy PDF to download.

Blue and White Tablescape

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blue and white tablescape
This is a  blue and white tablescape for a dinner for six. We were in between holidays (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October) and I was not yet ready to start with the Christmas decorating.

Blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations and I find that you can use it year round. 

It looks fresh in the summer and warm in the winter.
You can also mix it with both gold or silver.

Dutch Pea Soup - Recipe

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dutch pea soup recipeDutch pea soup is warm hearty fall favorite of mine.

With simple ingredients you can make a soup that will rival anything that has ever come out of a fine restaurant.

It does take some preparation and time to simmer but it is well worth it.

One of our favorite meals when the weather turns cold is this soup with cold cuts on a good quality bread.

Dutch Pea Soup, great for when you want a warm hearty meal.

Kitty Cat Hand-Warmers To Make

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Kitty Cat Hand Warmers to Make
A few years back I designed some Hot Dog- Hand-Warmers and have been asked on a few occasions if I would design cats.

So here are my Kitty Cat Hand-Warmers, sure to make you purr.

They are wonderful to have in your pockets on a cold day and are small enough that they don't take up a lot of room.

Hot Dog hand warmers to make
These are great fabric stash busters. You could even sew them up in colors that match your own feline.

Think about having a basket of both the dog and cat hand warmers by your front door. 

These make great stocking stuffers and handmade gifts for friends and family.
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