how to sell your clothes for cash
Selling or trading your clothes makes perfect sense if you want to re-coup some of the money that you have spent to maintain your wardrobe.

You might have clothes that were gifts and never worn, or clothes that you bought and then quickly discovered that they made you look terrible. 

You hate the idea of just giving it all away.

While many charities survive on the generous donations of clothes that are given to their thrift shops don't feel that you have no other options to get rid of your good quality clothes that you no longer need. You can make some cash from your closet.

Good Luck Charm Box - Printable

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Free Printable Good Luck Charm BoxWhat is a good luck charm? Well it could be anything, a rabbit's foot (but not for the rabbit), a coin, a rock, or an ancient scarab. It all depends on what a person decides will be lucky for them.

I designed this free printable Good Luck Charm Box to be filled with what ever you would think to be lucky!

The sky is the limit as long as it fits inside the box. Great gift idea for the person who has everything.

You could even put in a bracelet charm or necklace.

This printable good luck charm box comes in 4 different styles, black & white, purple, green or red, as everyone has a different idea of what a lucky color is! The base of the box is 2-1/2  by 2-1/2  and 1-1/2 inches high.

This is a printable craft that is fast and easy to assemble.

Perfect Irish Coffee for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

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how to make the perfect Irish CoffeeSt. Patrick's Day is when everyone find a little bit of Irish in themselves. 

You can join the festivities by putting back some green beer but if beer is not your drink of choice why not try an Irish Coffee.

Very popular it is a sweet coffee with liquor, great for finishing off a meal.

Add a four clover garnish and you will be celebrating St. Patty's Day in style.

Southworks Antiques - Canada's Largest Indoor Antique Mall

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Southworks Antiques Canada's Largest Indoor Antique MallSouthworks Antiques is Canada's largest indoor antique mall. It spans 30,000 square feet and has over 100 dealers.

If you love the thrill of the hunt then this is the place for you. It has everything from fine antiques to collectible comic books. 

Southworks is located in Cambridge Ontario, about one hour and 20 minutes from Niagara Falls or an hour from Toronto. 

Set in a former foundry building the 1800's limestone and timber structure is described as "Canada's most beautifully restored retail space."

Opened every day except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day it is a great place to visit and prowl around for a deal.

Make a Tea Towel Chef's Apron

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how to make a tea towel chef's apronYou need to get ready for some spring cleaning and to get yourself in the mood why not whip up a tea towel chef's apron.

Tea towels often go on sale and it is a pity just to use the great colors and patterns that they come in just for mopping up.

This apron was made with two 99 cent tea towels I picked up at the Cambridge Towel Outlet Sale.

Easy to make this tea towel chef's apron is meant to be washed many times and still look good.

These can also be made up quickly as gifts for the cooks, barbequers and bakers in your life.

Happy Birthday Banner - Printable

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free printable happy birthday bannerThis free printable birthday banner is bright and cheerful and easy to print off. Perfect for either a child or adult.

I made this free printable birthday banner in a multitude of colors so it can fit many color schemes  or you can take your color scheme from it.

Red, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple all pop up here, either in the lettering or the multicolored edging.

Simple to print of on paper there are cutting lines for easy trimming. Four letters to a sheet plus I added an extra empty frame if you needed to fill in a number.

10 Free Things That Will Improve Your Life

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ten free things that will improve your lifeWe all want good stuff to happen to us, but you can't just sit around waiting for things to happen.

Taking charge with the smallest things can drastically change the quality of your life.

Our days our made up of little things that are strung together, so when you start changing those little things you start changing your life.

Here is a list of 10 free things that you can easily do that will improve your life. They just are small things that will just free up time, money or worry but they can change the course of your life.

King Cake Cupcakes- Printable Topper

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King Cake Cupcake Topper - Printable
If you have ever been to New Orleans before Mardi Gras the you will have seen King Cakes, the traditional cake that is sold in shops from January 6th until Fat Tuesday.

King Cake celebrates the visit of the Magis to the Christ Child .  Hence the 3 Kings and the tradition of having a small baby trinket in the cake. Who ever gets the baby has to bake the next cake. 

Usually decorated in the colors purple, green and gold to symbolize justice, faith and power.

While placing a plastic baby inside the cake is a tradition I am not a big fan of choking hazards so I designed these with a printable of a baby that you can tape to the bottom of one of the cupcakes.

How to Make No-Sew Tulle Pom Pom Pillows

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how to make a no sew tulle pom pom pillowIt is surprisingly easy to make Tulle Pom Pom Pillows. I have seen displays with tissue paper pom poms placed on beds and thought why not do the real thing?

Unlike the paper ones these pillows can be scrunched and will spring back to shape.

These are wonderful in a girly-girl room or just to add some fun to your own bedroom. Toss a couple onto a chair for a whimsical look.

Using different shades of pink you could have a fluffy mount of them on a couch or chaise lounge.

Made with tulle they are easy to make and no sewing skills required!
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