Vintage Movie Star Prints - Printable

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Annex - Powell, William (After the Thin Man) Publicity ShotsHow about adding a bit of old time Hollywood glamour to your life by printing out these vintage publicity photos.

Great to have around as party decorations during an Academy Awards Party!

Old Hollywood really did know how to take great pictures of their stars and it really show in these Vintage Movie Star Prints. 

(Myrna Loy & William Powell in The Thin Man )

All these photos are at Dr Macro's High Quality Movie Scans  Easy to download and print off on your own printer or have them printed at a local photo lab, it will cost just a dollar or two depending on what size you want them printed.

And The Envelope Please - Envelope Napkin Fold

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Making a envelope napkin foldHere is an amusing way to fold your table napkins for your Academy Award dinner or buffet.

Making them look like the famous envelopes that the winners' names are presented in.

The Envelope Napkin Fold is simple and fast to do and has a small embellishment to finish it off.

Set on a gold rimmed plate it looks positively regal.

You could place small cards inside with questions for your guests, such as, "Who Won Best Actress in 1978?" 

Oscar Party Printable Statue Trophy

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Oscar Party Printable Statue TrophyHosting an Oscar Party? Why not print off some Oscar Party Printable Statues for your buffet table or to have as decorations.

While the real image of the Oscar is copyright protected this gold statue looks surprisingly like it.

You could even give out your own statues to family and friends. How about an award for "Most Calm in an Awkward Situation" or "Best Actor During Office Politics".

These are printed out on cardstock and the base folds back to make a stand. He stands 7 1/2 inches tall.

Presidents' Day Place Cards - Printable

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President's Day Place CardsTo give your table a bit of a presidential feel have these Presidents' Day Place Cards set at each place setting on Presidents' Day.

Does someone in your family have political ambitions? Why not set the table with these Presidents' Day Place Cards so they'll get use to the formality of White House dinners.

As Presidents' Day grew out of Washington's birthday you could also serve cherry pie for dinner.

With the blue border and the American Standard these place cards are distinctly American  and could be used at any occasion from election night to the 4th of July.

LOVE Print - Free Printable

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love print - free printable
Love...ahhh. Spread some around your home. This LOVE Print (free printable) is great to put anyone in the Valentine spirit and you can leave it up year round.

The great thing about prints is that they can suit almost any decor by switching up the frames. Have a modern room? Pop the prints into a simple metal frame. My decor is a little more traditional so they are in gold colored frames.

It is easy to download these prints from my PDFs and just decide where in your home you would like to put them.  They will fit into 11 x 13 inch frames that have 8 x 10 mat openings.

They would look charming from everywhere from the bedroom to the diningroom.

Valentine Chocolate Wrapping Idea

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wrapping valentine chocolate ideaSometimes you just want a quick easy way to wrap something and still make it look elegant, as if you have put a lot of thought into it.

I enjoy giving oversized chocolate bars to family and friends as treats.

While placing a bow on a gift is lovely sometimes it is a bit too cumbersome. 

Using a ribbon and a gold medallion makes the packaging streamlined but still elegant.

Vintage Valentine's Cards - Printable

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Vintage Valentine Card free printable
Vintage Valentine's Day Cards have a charm to them that I can not resist.

These Valentine's Day Cards from about 1910's and 1920's are from my collection.

Easy to download from PDF you can either use them as cards or decoratively in you Valentine's Day celebrations.

I usually pop a few on the table during Valentine's day as I find them so cute.

(More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.)

Valentine's Day Satin & Rose Scarf

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Make a Satin Rose Scarf
By the time Valentine's Day rolls around many of us are just sick and tired of the cold weather. 

What better way to boost your spirits and your wardrobe than with this Satin and Rose Scarf.

Satin always adds an elegance to  an outfit and is unexpected in a scarf.

This layered scarf is surprisingly warm as it has a core of cotton flannel. 

The rose embellishment is an easy to make lovely accent.

Choose a color to either match your outerwear or something that will lift your spirits.

Kiss Valentine's Day Tags and Cards - Printables

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kiss valentine's day cards and tags free printableSometimes it's just all in the packaging. 

Finish up your Valentine's Day gift to your sweetie with these tags and cards to let him know exactly what is on your mind.

A lipstick kiss with the line Be Mine placed on your gift is a great way to brighten up a Valentine's Day gift.

I designed these tags and cards so you could use them as a set or just individually. 

Get ready to  pucker up for Valentine's Day. 
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