Antique Thanksgiving Postcard Printables

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Antique turkey postcard
Antique postcards of the holidays like Thanksgiving have a charm to them that can make them wonderful to use in all sorts of different crafts and decorations.

I have been collecting antique post cards for many years and use the seasonal ones through out the house during the holidays.

There were millions of postcards sent in the early part of the 1900s as printing costs became inexpensive and the technology to reproduce vivid colors improved. While these postcards were meant for the American market many of them were printed in Germany and England.

If you are interested in starting your own collection of antique or vintage postcards then you can start at the antique malls were they are often kept loose in boxes to sort through. The cost of these were between $1 and $3 each as they were not rare. 

Here are four of my favorite Thanksgiving postcards from about 1909 that you can download as PDFs for your own use. 

(The More Style Than will NOT appear on your printable.)

Making Ghoulishly Twisted Halloween Candles

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Twisted Halloween candlesPrim and proper for the rest of the year Halloween can bring out a twisted side of us.

These Halloween candles are just as twisted and add an eerie macabre to your decorations.

Added to your dining room table or placed on a side table you will have people wondering what happened and how you achieved the look. 

And how did you? Very easily.

Making Paint Chip Boxes

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Paint chip boxesPaint chip boxes are easy to make from those delightfully colorful paint chips we all seem to accumulate around our homes as we dream of redecorating.

These small little boxes are perfect for party favors or to place on top of plates with a small gift inside at dinner parties.

You could make a bunch to sort your colorful beads or other crafts that you have. The would look stunning in your craft space.

Easy to make you will become addicted to them.

Printable Quotes

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Quotes in framesThere are times in our lives when we need a kind word or a word that will help us get through difficult moments when our self confidence is at the lowest and we are struggling to find confidence .

I have always framed words and saying that I have found to lift up my spirits and give me a boost of courage. 

Many of these saying are from famous, successful people that wanted the world to know that at times they too had struggled.

Put in beautiful frames they can be placed on desks or book shelves and inspire you when ever your eye lands on them. I often give these out as small gifts.

Here are 6 of my recent favorites that you can easily print off as pdfs. 

Cooking from Scratch - The Lost Art of the 21st Century

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Cooking implementsSince the 1950's and the rise of convenience foods and fast food restaurants the knowledge of how to cook is beginning to disappear. Many people just don't know how to cook from scratch. 

Pancakes are made from mix, mash potatoes from dried flakes and cookies are cut from plastic tubes of dough.  

When women set off to the work force in droves in the 70's a market opened up to feed on their guilt that they were not being good mother's or wives and that could all be solved by convenience foods. This was the first generation of women who struggled to do it all. 

Advertisers continually harp on us that cooking from scratch is not only hard, but time consuming and ridiculous to try.

Isn't it time for you to find out that cooking from scratch can be easy, fast and cheap?

Following the Fashion Trends - 5 Cheap Ways to Wear High Style

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Fashionmodel.jpgContrary to popular opinion, you don't need to run out and buy a new closet full of clothes to make yourself look fashionable and stunning. You just need to know how to read the fashion magazines and figure out what pieces to add to update what you already own.

No one can deny that fashion has a impact on our lives. Who hasn't felt like a poor cousin beside a beautifully dressed, stylish woman. Knowing that you look good can give you a lot of extra confidence.

Fashion changes from year to year but not so drastically as you think. To follow the fashion trends and make yourself look like a fashionista is a lot cheaper and easier than you would think.

Here are 5 cheap ways to dress in the latest styles with out breaking the bank. 

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How to Make Garage Sale Finds Look Like Gift Shop Treasures

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Jewelry from garage saleFinding something at a garage sale that you know is worth big bucks is a joy, especially if you can snap it up for pennies. 

You might find the perfect gift for your oh so picky sister but you don't just want to put it in a paper bag and hand it over to her on her birthday. What happens if your treasure has some little bumps, marks or flaws on it, is it still worth buying and gifting?

How can you make your garage sale find look like it came from a pricey gift store?

How to Make a Terrarium and Witch's Ball

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Terrariums, Witch's BallEver wondered how to make a terrarium? 

Terrariums have gone in and out of fashion over the last 150 years since Dr. Nathaniel Ward discovered that you could grow plants in glass enclosures.

Terrariums are ideal for people who want some greenery around them but also want it to be as low maintenance as possible.

Back in style again they are being made in everything from retro 70's glass bottles, traditional style Victorian cases, to very modern blown glass containers. 

While terrariums are simple to make a Witch's Ball (called because they resemble a crystal ball) has a little secret in how they are made which I will be happy to share with you. 

Surprise Bag Mystery Bag Printables

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Surprise bagI make these little mystery or surprise bags for raffle prizes.  

I have also used them as little favors bag and I know that they would go great in loot bags or prize packets.

Kids aside these would be great to hold a small gift for your sweetie  (that you can leave on a pillow or bedside table). 

These small bags are made from a single sheet of paper that has the question mark printed on it. 

The bags themselves are easy to form on either a small sturdy box or a piece of lumber.  I have a PDF and tutorial to show how easy it is.
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