Vintage Valentine's Postcards - Free Printable

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Vintage Valentine Postcard Cupid with hearts
I am delighted to share with you four of my favorite Valentine cards that are from about 1910 to 1920. 

The graphics are very sweet and can be used in all sorts of crafts or just as is.

As some of the post cards have a slight tint from aging if you want a clear white background then you will have to tweak them a bit with Photo Shop or

This one I am propping up on my vanity table beside a porcelain rose to enjoy over the Valentine season. (More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.)

Vintage Movable Valentine Cards - Free Printable

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Vintage Movable Valentine Day CardsI thought I would share with you more of my cards, this time from my Valentine's Collection.

These cute little cards are from the 1920 and each one of them has an element that you can move. These are in surprisingly good shape considering little fingers probably played with them a great deal.

The secret to their movement is that they are put together with very small split pins (also called round head fasteners). 

I have been looking for this small size and haven't been able to find them yet but the larger size split pin doesn't take away from the charm when you reproduce them.

Print these out on card stock they are wonderful to give as Valentine Cards, to use as tags or use in your Valentine displays.
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50 Things Every Woman Should Own

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50 items every woman should ownThe world of the 21st century is not a simple one. It makes no difference if you live on a sprawling farm or in a shoe box of a apartment, you need stuff to get you by.

There are essential things that will make your life easier, pleasanter and more luxurious and they don't necessarily have to cost big bucks.

This list was written for a broad range of women so it doesn't matter if you are 18 and ready to set off on your own or a more mature woman who has a husband and family.

Here is my list of 50 Things Every Woman Should Own.

Secret to Breaking In Shoes

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Black dress shoesShoes, shoes, shoes. 

Ain't they just wonderful!

But those gorgeous pair of shoes that you just bought (hopefully on sale) need to to broken in. 

No matter how expensive your lovely dress shoes are chances are that you just can't slip them on and dance the night away. 

They haven't formed to your feet yet and within hours they can be very, very, painful.

There is an easy trick that will make your shoes much more comfortable for you.
Sliced appleHealthy eating is probably at the top of your list for your New Year's resolutions.

Of course you are not going to deprive your self of snacks but ideally that snack should be fast to grab, cheap, healthy and super easy to eat.

Even more you want to be able to take your snacks with you.

An apple fits all of these requirements but the trick of making it easy to eat is how you slice it up.

Apples are notorious for turning brown as soon as their flesh is exposed but there is a way of doing it that will keep them fresh for the day until you are ready to eat them.

New Years Eve
Out with the old and in with the new! There is no better way to celebrate the old year and look forward to the New Year than having a New Years Eve party!

You want it to be a bash but you also don't want to break the proverbial piggy bank. How do you have an amazing party that everyone will remember and that won't cost you a fortune?

Here is a list of 10 ideas that will make your party to the talk of the town the next day.

Make Your Boxing Day Shopping Pay Off

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Pulling on a dollar billBoxing day deals can be incredible but you don't want to be caught up in the excitement of the day and end up spending your hard earned cash on a whole lot of stuff just because it is cheap.

There are amazing deals out there and you want to be savvy enough to know when to buy and when to walk on by.

It takes some organizing and clear thinking but if you do it right you could save yourself thousands that you would be spending the rest of the year.

Here is a plan of attack so your boxing day shopping is filled with treasures that help you get through the rest of the year. 

What To Do If You HATE Your Gift

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Blue giftsReceiving gifts is usually a joyous event but there are times the gift falls flat. 

No, lets be honest.  You absolutely hate it and you have no idea why the person would give you such a hideous, horrible, ugly thing.

What do you do?

There are a few factors that you have to consider when dealing with a gift that you just hate. You have to figure them out so you can deal with the situation.
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