Antique Easter Post Cards Printable

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Antique Easter post cards are so sweet. This one is from about 1910 and someone had a sense of humor! 

Print these postcards off and use them in decorating or table decor. You could always send them out in the mail if you print them on cards stock.

I frame some of mine and use them in the kitchen where I have 2 picture frames that I swap out seasonal postcards from my collection. Each frame holds 3 postcards.

I hope you enjoy these! (More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable).

Easter Place Card Printable

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Easter place cardDress up your Easter table with these sweet Easter place cards.

Place cards can add a touch of elegance to any table and if you are entertaining more than 8 it just makes it easier for everyone to find their seats.

I used an antique image of a hare for this  Easter place card.  Done in periwinkle it will add a splash of color to your Easter table.

7 Fast Easy Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

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Dresser dressed up
Money is tight but the house is looking a little shabby. What can you do to give your home a style boost on very little cash.

Thought it might seem impossible there are little things that you can easily do that will freshen up your home while you are saving cash to make those big changes.

It is best never to let your home get too much into disrepair because little jobs can turn into huge problems.

So grab a list and walk though your home to see where you can use these great easy ideas.

Antique St. Patrick Day Postcards - Free Printables

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Welcome St Patrick's Day antique postcardSome more  postcards from my collection. 

These antique St. Patrick day cards are from 1910 to 1912. 

The one that is shown here has it's date stamp on the front which reads "Mar 12 1912"

With lovely graphics the 3 postcards I am featuring will make charming cards and decorations for St Paddy's Day.

(More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.)

Loot Bag Idea - Inexpensive Custom T-shirts

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Party t-shirts
It is hard to think of cheap but original loot bag stuff but this is a trick I use to do all the time for my children's parties.

It is easy to customize a t-shirt with just a small scrap of fabric.

You can usually find inexpensive t-shirts at discount stores and clear out stores.

With just a bit of co-ordinating  fabric and some time on the sewing machine you can whip together matching themed t-shirts.

Florist Tricks to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

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How to make silk flowers look realFlipping through fancy-schmancy magazines showing high end homes you would be surprised to know how many of those jaw dropping flower arrangements you see in the back ground are made from artificial flowers.

Only the extremely wealthy can afford huge fresh flower arrangements every week so for the rest of the well to-do set, fakes rule the day. 

No one will argue that fresh flowers are wonderful but if you have severe allergies, you are just too busy to enjoy them, they are out of season and terribly expensive or you want flowers in the house for a special occasion but you won't have time the day before to pick them up then go fake!

In an effort to make them sound better the term faux flowers and permanent flowers are often thrown about but a silk flower is a silk flower (actually most of the good ones are synthetic). So how come the fake flower arrangements you tend to see just look, well, fake? How can you have the same gorgeous fauxs you see in the magazines?

 Here are seven secrets in how you can get those same arrangements at a fraction of the cost and have guest not knowing if they are from your garden or not.

Antique Dog Prints - Free Printables

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To celebrate the 2012 Westminster Dog show I wanted to share these vintage dog prints.

They are from about 1910-1920 and it is very interesting  the way the breeds have changed over the years. Who would have thought that there were dog grooming styles that go in and out of fashion.

These prints would look great matted and framed in any dog lovers home.

There are three prints showing a variety of familiar dogs such as Fox Terriers, Poodles, Beagles and Irish Setters.

These images could also be used in craft projects, to make cards or (as suggest by Karen, one of my readers) it would make fantastic wrapping paper for fellow dog lovers. (More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.)

This years winner of the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was a 4 year old Pekingese named Malachy.

Royal Warrants - How to Live Like Royalty

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Royal warrant 1.jpgEvery wonder what the British Royal family lives like?

It is easier to find out than you think and you can access many of the same products that they use day in and day out with out needing a Royal Treasury to do so.

Royal Warrants are handed out to the makers of the favorite things the Royal family enjoys.

Breakfast the same way as the Queen, nibble on the same crackers as Prince Philip and wash your hands with the same soap used by Prince Charles.

While you would need a Queen's fortune to manage the castles and a royal staff read on and find out how to treat yourself to some the same goodies enjoyed by the Royal family for only a few dollars.

How to Make a Ribbon Rose and Bow Bracelets

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Ribbon Heart and Bow Bracelets
These two sweet, lovely ribbon bracelets are so romantic  and very easy to make.

Just in time for Valentine's you can either make them for yourself or give them to a friend.

With just a bit of ribbon, some glue, velcro strips, and a few stitches they are made quite quickly.

I originally designed them for a craft to do during one of my
Ribbon Rose Bracelet on wrist
daughter's sleep-overs and the girls were delighted with them.

While I show how to do them with satin ribbon they look equally as pretty if done in a sheer ribbon.  You can make them in larger sizes as well but you will have to adjust the measurements.

These would also be very sweet as an accessory for a flower girl or bridesmaid.

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