How to make a traditional corsageCorsages are a lovely thing to make and give to your mother especially if she is of the generation that use to wear them out to special occasions.

Surprisingly simple to make you can have a lot of impact with just a few flowers and a bit of time.

As a florist I have made thousands of corsages using all different types of flowers but mostly I made them from roses, carnations and orchids.

If your mother has a favorite flower that is sturdy and not too big you can have a go at making a corsage with them but practice first in case you have to use another flower.
handles, door pulls, knobsWhen ever I am looking for craft or building supplies the first place that I am off to is my local Restore. 

What is wonderful about shopping at this store is that I am supporting an organization, Habitat for Humanity, that does great work throughout the world.

I have mentioned them in many of my articles and find them an endless source of amazing bargains but some of you might not know who they are or what is available there.

I did a recent tour of my local ReStore and I wanted to show you some of the great deals that are there and suggestions of what they can be used for and tell you more about Habitat for Humanity.

Small "Enjoy" Card - Printable

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Small "Enjoy" cardI made a series of small cards for Valentine's and found my self using the "Enjoy" one for all different occasions.

So I created a page just of these "Enjoy" cards. Somehow that one simple word is suitable for so many occasions, be it a birthday, a holiday or a special treat.

There are three on each page and they are simple to print and cut.

You might find that you will be reaching for them all the time when you need just a little note to add to your gifts.

Mother's Day Gift - African Violets in Glass

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African violets in glass container
African violets are such charming little flowering plants but they can be a little bit tricky to grow. They hate being in a draft and need extra moisture around them to help them thrive.

Growing violets in glass containers protect them while showcasing their beauty. While these are similar to terrariums the top is never sealed.

These make wonderful Mother's Day gifts as they are easy to care for and add a touch of greenery to a room.
Imported clothesWe are all need to update our wardrobes occasionally and tend to run off the the same old, same old stores.

While you can only really buy high end fashion in high end fashion stores we don't always wear high end fashion.

We need those practical, comfortable well made clothes for our everyday lives.

Here are five ideas of places you might not have thought of shopping at where you can shop for great clothes, at great prices.

Make Easy Recycled Notepads

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Make easy recycled notepadsAlways looking for a slip of paper to jot down a quick phone number, reminder or note?  Always have piles of paper that you need to recycle? 

I  combined my two problems and started making these very easy note pads from scraps of paper that were in my recycling bin.

While most blogs suggest that you use industrial adhesive to make note pads I have found a much easier and simpler method.

So gather up your scrap paper and start making some note pads.

Luggage Travel Tips - Making Sure Your Luggage Arrives

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Travel luggage tipsTravel can be thrilling and exciting and I am always up for a new adventure. 

One of the great thing about modern life is our ability to travel by plane. One of the awful things about modern life is airports.

My family travels a lot and when ever possible we only take carry-on bags so we can avoid the long wait for luggage.

When we do check our luggage we follow these simple tips to make sure that it ends up at the same place that we do.

Frog Pickle - Fun Food Garnish

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Frog pickle
So why the frog pickle? 

I tend to do pool parties in the summer with outdoor buffets and I was just thinking on how I would like to decorate the platters while I was eating a pickle.

As it is I have been craving pickles lately, no reason for it, just am. 

Calorie wise pickles are a great snack food since a large pickle only has about 10 calories. 

I have used edible flowers and carved fruit in the past but I wanted to try something a bit different and whimsical. I think this fits the bill.

And how did I make this little guy?

Sprucing up for summerSpring is here and we should all be looking fabulous but (sigh) sometimes it is a little hard to get out of the winter doldrums.

If you still have a bit of the winter drabs you need to spruce yourself up for the summer. This doesn't mean expensive spa treatments and hours of working out. You can just do a few little tricks to give yourself a bit more shine.

You probably have already packed away your heavy winter clothes so now is the time to get ready for the fabulous warm weather that is just ahead.
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