How to Make a Balloon Arch

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Balloon archBalloons are such happy things. You know that there is a party inside when you see them set out in front of a house.

While anyone can tie a few balloons together with a little bit of effort you can make something spectacular.

A balloon arch above your doorway will really wow your guests and whether it is for a birthday party or a home coming it will set a festive mood.

Antique Nature Prints - Free Printables

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Antique print bird nestsWith spring in the air why not add some nature prints to your decor.

Here are four prints that depict different subjects of the great outdoors.

They are in beautiful muted colors with a cream background.(Open the pdfs to see the exact colors).

The one shown here is a charming and unusual print of different nests and their eggs.

(More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable).

Trick to Cutting Lilacs for Flowers

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How to cut lilacs for flowersI have 9 lilac bushes in my back yard and am thinking of getting a few for my front yard as well.

One of my greatest joys is cutting my lilacs and bringing them inside to enjoy the wonderful fragrance.

Lilac flowers should be cut and enjoyed but many people are afraid that they might ruin their bushes if they start hacking away at them. 

There is a method to cut your lilacs that will be best for the bush and will give you fabulous cut flowers for your home or to give away.
Making stationerryWhen making a stationery set you need more than just Custom Writing Paper and Envelopes.

Sometimes a folded card is more suitable for the occasion. 

These cards tend to be more casual and fun. Having blank all-purpose cards at home can be appropriate for different events and very handy.

Like writing paper you can make these cards very easily to suit your style

Making stationerry
Only a few short years ago if you wanted to send someone a quick message it generally meant writing out a few lines and dropping a note in the post but now we click a few keys on our computer and send off an e-mail. 

While being able to communicate almost instantly with family, friends and colleagues has great advantages there are times that an electric note just is not appropriate and you find yourself scrambling through the house looking for a clean sheet of paper to write on.

It is easy to make your own custom stationery and it adds a touch of elegance to your correspondence.

The Secret of How to Clean Silk

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Secrets of how to clean silkSilk is a wonderful luxury item that feels amazing against your skin. It should be kept scrupulously clean so the fibers don't get damaged and "shatter' the fabric.

While you could take you silk scarves and clothes to a dry cleaner it does get pricey and all those chemicals they use really are not good for the silk.

There is an easy and relatively cheap way for you to wash and take care of all your silk at home.

I have been collecting antique and vintage silk scarves for years and I learned this method from a fabric conservator-restorer. This is the only way I will clean them now.
How to make a traditional corsageCorsages are a lovely thing to make and give to your mother especially if she is of the generation that use to wear them out to special occasions.

Surprisingly simple to make you can have a lot of impact with just a few flowers and a bit of time.

As a florist I have made thousands of corsages using all different types of flowers but mostly I made them from roses, carnations and orchids.

If your mother has a favorite flower that is sturdy and not too big you can have a go at making a corsage with them but practice first in case you have to use another flower.
handles, door pulls, knobsWhen ever I am looking for craft or building supplies the first place that I am off to is my local Restore. 

What is wonderful about shopping at this store is that I am supporting an organization, Habitat for Humanity, that does great work throughout the world.

I have mentioned them in many of my articles and find them an endless source of amazing bargains but some of you might not know who they are or what is available there.

I did a recent tour of my local ReStore and I wanted to show you some of the great deals that are there and suggestions of what they can be used for and tell you more about Habitat for Humanity.

Small "Enjoy" Card - Printable

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Small "Enjoy" cardI made a series of small cards for Valentine's and found my self using the "Enjoy" one for all different occasions.

So I created a page just of these "Enjoy" cards. Somehow that one simple word is suitable for so many occasions, be it a birthday, a holiday or a special treat.

There are three on each page and they are simple to print and cut.

You might find that you will be reaching for them all the time when you need just a little note to add to your gifts.
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