Crowns for Father's Day - Printable

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Crowns printableDad is King of the castle and here is a printable just for him. 

Great to use on Father's Day either to wrap up his gift, make a card from or cut out one of the crowns and place it on a photo of him.

This vintage print shows the crowns of the British Monarchs from William the Conqueror to the Imperial state crown which is now in the Tower of London.

There are 15 crowns on this print and many of them are now lost.  The images where taken from portraits of the various monarchs.

The only crown worn by a woman is number 7 which graced the head of Queen Elizabeth 1.

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Five Easy Cocktail Garnishes to Spiff Up Your Style

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Cocktail garnishesWhy is it that adding just a little something to a cocktail changes it from ho-hum to fabulous.

Don't get intimidated and think that you need  a degree in mixology to make a stunning cocktail.

You just need to know what you can pair with what, and, with a cocktail skewer and a few ingredients, you can be wowing you guest at your next party. Of course you can make these for mocktails as everyone enjoys a fancy drink.

Here are 10 simple but stunning cocktail garnishes for you to try

How to Arrange Flowers with Flower Frogs

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Flower arrangement with flower frogs
Flower frogs are a wonderful flower arranging tool that are easy to find in antique shops and antique malls. 

Modern florist use floral foam, a spongy type substance that retains water and is porous enough to push flower stems into but it can become pricey to use this at home since they are a one time use only product.

Flower frogs are made from metal, glass and ceramic and can be used indefinitely. 

While they might look a little complicated they are very easy to use.

How to Make a Gift Wrap Bow from a Map

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How to make a gift bow
There is a time where the ordinary gift wrap bow just looks right on top of a gift. Standard and classic they have a retro-vibe to them and look great on modern papers.

While you can buy them from almost anywhere they are incredibly easy to make from one strip of paper.

The neat thing about making your own gift bows is that you can make it from almost any type of paper or ribbon.

I really like making them from old maps as I use maps to wrap all the time. Follow these easy instructions to make this traditional bow.

(The designer Kate Spade made these bows from vibrant colored leather a few years ago and used them as shoe bows - just add shoe clips.)

25 Things My Mother Taught Me

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Ingrid Talpak as a childMy daughter will be going off to university this September and I keep wondering if I have told her everything she needs to know.

Like my mother and grandmother before me I seem to be a fountain of constant information, so she tells me and yes, she has heard this all before.

Quite frankly it is what mothers do, try to make sure that their kids are prepared for when they leave the nest.

Here are 25 things that I had learned from my mother  that will always stay with me and I think helped me deal with life.

20 Travel Tips for Europe

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Traveling can be a great pleasure and there are so many interesting places to see in the world. Europe is one of my favorite destinations as every region, let alone country, is so diverse.

 If you are off to Europe for the first time you might be a bit nervous about different languages, customs and what is accepted behavior. 

Here are 20 travel tips to help you smooth your way.

How to Make a Balloon Arch

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Balloon archBalloons are such happy things. You know that there is a party inside when you see them set out in front of a house.

While anyone can tie a few balloons together with a little bit of effort you can make something spectacular.

A balloon arch above your doorway will really wow your guests and whether it is for a birthday party or a home coming it will set a festive mood.

Antique Nature Prints - Free Printables

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Antique print bird nestsWith spring in the air why not add some nature prints to your decor.

Here are four prints that depict different subjects of the great outdoors.

They are in beautiful muted colors with a cream background.(Open the pdfs to see the exact colors).

The one shown here is a charming and unusual print of different nests and their eggs.

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Trick to Cutting Lilacs for Flowers

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How to cut lilacs for flowersI have 9 lilac bushes in my back yard and am thinking of getting a few for my front yard as well.

One of my greatest joys is cutting my lilacs and bringing them inside to enjoy the wonderful fragrance.

Lilac flowers should be cut and enjoyed but many people are afraid that they might ruin their bushes if they start hacking away at them. 

There is a method to cut your lilacs that will be best for the bush and will give you fabulous cut flowers for your home or to give away.
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