Orange Cat - Fruit Sculpture

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Cat made from orangeI will admit that I did not design this but as much as I searched I could not find an original source or instructions on how to make this orange cat so I did it myself.

Fruit and vegetable carvings are a great way to garnish a tray for a party or a special occasion. 

This silly cat would look great at a buffet on a tray of fruit salad, citrus desserts, or cut up oranges at a breakfast buffet.

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to make this handsome fellow, a sharp knife and a small paring knife will do it.

Perfect for all the feline lovers that you know.
Birthday Cake with candlesBirthdays! The best days of a child's life. 

How do you celebrate the occasions without spending a ton of money?

Ask any adult and they will tell you that their best birthdays growing up had nothing to do with what they got but how they were celebrated.

Parties are great for kids but you want to have other ways to make your little ones birthdays special.

I have 25 ideas of how you can make your children's birthdays super memorable while still making it very easy on your wallet.

How to Cut and Peel a Peach

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Cutting peaches
Is there any other fruit that has so many saying regarding it? 

She's a Georgia peach, pretty as a peach, peaches and cream complexion.

While peaches are delicious their skin can cut tender mouths and for very young children it is best to peel them.

Peeling peaches is actually quite easy if you know the trick.

Canada Day Tablescape

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Canada Day flowersIf you are getting ready to have a lunch or dinner on Canada Day here are a few ideas that you can use to really make it pop!

Our family's Canada Day includes a Canada Day Parade, usually a swim when we get home and   dinner in the gazebo.

With Canada's colors being red and white it is easy to pull together a fun patriotic table.

How to Wrap a Bouquet of Flowers

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how to wrap a bouquet of flowers
There are times when you have a garden full of flowers you want to share the beauty with friends and family.

While you could just roll them in newspaper you know that there is a nicer way of doing it.

Learning the same tricks that the florist do to wrap your flowers when you give them as gifts will make your flowers seem extra special.

This also comes in very handy when you can buy your flowers at discounted prices but there is no presentation to them.

Flag Print for the 4th of July - Printable

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Vintage flag printHere is a vintage print showing the different flags of America for you to print.

This is a wonderful bright print that you can incorporate in your 4th of July decorations.

It would look lovely framed with small flags on either side. 

You could place this print on your buffet table for added color.

So how old is this print?

Well if you count the number of stars on the Stars and Stripes you should be able to figure it out. 

The other flags in the print included the Yacht Ensign, Naval Dispatch Revenue Pennant, United States Mail and Admiral's Flag.

(More Style Than Cash will not appear on your print)

How to Sew Bunting for Canada Day Decorations

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IMG_0566a.jpgI thoroughly enjoy decorating the outside of our home for Canada Day. 

Bunting use to be a very popular way to decorate and if you look through old picture of England, America and Canada during patriotic celebrations, houses and business where typically decorated with them.

The name bunting actually referred to the type of fabric that was used for the draped and flag buntings. I use nylon material so it can withstand the weather.

This is a fun project that you will be able to display with pride every year.

Making Ice Shapes for Summer Entertaining

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Making ice shapes for summer entertaining
Cold ice is a luxury that many of us just don't appreciate until we are in the middle of a scorching hot day and can't get any.

While most of us take ice for granted ice has only been available to the masses since about the 1920's when household refrigerators and freezers became popular.

While ice was available before this time it was pricey, the cost was more expensive than some meat and dairy products.

With our modern fridges and freezers ice is easy for us to make so why not use ice in interesting ways when you are entertaining during the heat of the summer.

Easy Summer Backpack to Sew

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Summer backpack to sew
This backpack pattern is so simple to sew you can make one up in less than an hour.

I use to send my kids to swimming lessons with these backpacks as they were small enough to fit on their backs but large enough to hold their beach towels, brushes, bathing suits and other bits and pieces that they needed.

As I always made mine from cotton they were simple to throw in the wash (after removing the cords) to get rid of the chlorine smell from their wet bathing suits.

These can be used for all different purposes for kids, filled with what they need to go off to day camp, bible camp or off to friends for an afternoon.

Of course these are ideal for yourself during the summer when you want a fun bag instead of a purse.

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