Father's Day - Zombie Survival Kit - Printable

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Zombie Survival Kit Printable
How's this for a different Father's Day gift, a Zombie Survival Kit! This free printable is easy to glue onto any box to make it the ultimate care package. And what goes into the

Serving Lemons

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Serving Lemons
Lemons can change a meal and are delightful with fish but can be a problem to serve. The bad, better and best of lemons start with bottled lemon juice as the bad, cut lemons

Great Cheap Reads for Summer

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how to buy cheap books
Want to know how to buy cheap books for your summer reading enjoyment?

I don't know if there is anything more enjoyable than to be able to sink yourself into a great book and just make everything else disappear.

Buying books all the time can get expensive and sometimes getting them from the library just is not practical.

I always have a book on the go and one of my secret pleasures is to luxuriate in a bubble bath as I read. Usually I only pay pennies for my books.

Mickey Mouse Tablescape

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Mickey Mouse TablescapeOddly enough, this Mickey Mouse Tablescape was not for a child but for a 23 year old (hence the wine glasses on the table) with a love of Disney and a great sense of humor!

Pulling together a quick fun tablescape should be fast, easy and inexpensive and this tablescape was.

With just 3 elements I was able to make the whole table look  Mickey Mouse inspired. This theme would also work well for a baby shower.

It was a fun lighthearted party that the birthday girl truly enjoyed.

How to Sew a Bra Strap Holder

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Sewing a bra strap holderHaving a bra strap continually slip out can be irritating. You want to look pulled together and not constantly tugging at your clothes.

A bra strap holder is a simple thing to sew in your tank tops and any other clothes that have narrow straps.

It use to be quite common to have bra strap holders sewn into clothes and it is one of those little things that manufacturers have stopped doing to cut costs.

It will only take a few minutes to sew these into your clothes and you will be feeling more pulled together once you have them.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

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how to make the perfect breakfast in bedBreakfast in bed, it sound so romantic and indulgent. 

It can be a real treat for someone who has been overworked and frazzled. The most lovely way to start a day is to be pampered.

But how can you make a breakfast in bed perfect? It takes a little bit of planning and knowing what the person would truly appreciate.

Most of the time fancy foods and fussiness is not required. What they would really appreciate is a simple well made breakfast that they would enjoy presented in a beautiful way.

Luxury, Reality and Budgets

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Luxury items and budgets Orchid
Money is meant to be used. 

It should be used as wisely as possible, to keep yourself sheltered, clothed and feed now and in the future and then, when there is some left over, it should be used to bring you pleasure in the things that you find important for yourself and your family.

In trying to keep yourself sheltered, clothed and feed, your money can bring you a lot of joy as well. You can live in a home that you find beautiful and comforting, the clothes that you were can fell marvelous against your skin and be lovely to look at and the feeding can be a delight to your mouth.

You made all the decisions that have brought you to this point, some good, some great and some foolish. 

But from this point on you want to be the master of your money, not your money being the master of you.

Vintage Horse Print Printables

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2 Vintage Horse Prints Printable 1.jpg
With the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby I thought I would offer these vintage horse print printables.

I would be nice to use them on your bar or buffet table if you were hosting a Run for the Roses party.

They show a variety of horses including a Polo Pony, Standardbred Trotter and of course a Thoroughbred Race Horse.

The image on the prints are about 5 1/4 by 7 1/2 inches and will fit into a 8 by 10 inch frame that has matting. (MoreStyleThanCash will not appear in the printable)

Why Etiquette Still Matters

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Etiquette 1.jpg
I was at a casual dinner a while back where a young man heaped his plate full of food and started to eat while the rest of us were waiting for the hostess to start. 

The look on his face when he realized that he had unwittingly done something impolite was a mix of embarrassment, shame and surprise. 

To me it was a perfect example of why etiquette still matters, no one wanted this young man to feel uncomfortable but because he didn't know basic etiquette he was now squirming in his seat not knowing how to act.

The biggest misconception about etiquette is that is full of fake silly rules. The whole point of etiquette is to give people a basic understanding on how to act  that will make everyone feel respected and comfortable.
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