Good Luck Charm Box - Printable

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Free Printable Good Luck Charm BoxWhat is a good luck charm? Well it could be anything, a rabbit's foot (but not for the rabbit), a coin, a rock, or an ancient scarab. It all depends on what a person decides will be lucky for them.

I designed this free printable Good Luck Charm Box to be filled with what ever you would think to be lucky!

The sky is the limit as long as it fits inside the box. Great gift idea for the person who has everything.

You could even put in a bracelet charm or necklace.

This printable good luck charm box comes in 4 different styles, black & white, purple, green or red, as everyone has a different idea of what a lucky color is! The base of the box is 2-1/2  by 2-1/2  and 1-1/2 inches high.

This is a printable craft that is fast and easy to assemble.
You need to have card stock to print this on otherwise the box will be too flimsy.

Use  two PDFs, one for the base and the other for the lid. Choose with color box lid you want and print it off.

Free Printable Good Luck Charm Box
Cut out the lid and base. Score along the dotted lines and through the solid lines. There is no dotted line beside the lid as I did not want dotted lines on the top in the finished box.  Cut through the lines that are solid.

Fold and unfold all the scored lines so they are all creased.

Free Printable Good Luck Charm Box
To assemble the box trim the side flaps on a slight angle so the finished box won't be bulky. Fold the sides with the flaps up, fold the side flaps in.

Fold and unfold all the scored lines so they are all creased.
Slightly trim all the top flaps on an angle.Fold all the top flaps over and the box will be secure. 

Fold and unfold all the scored lines so they are all creased.
If you need to use a glue stick to secure the insides.

To learn how to make a bed of tissue for your good luck charm to be placed on read How to Wrap a Gift Like a Professional and Make It Look Expensive

Fold and unfold all the scored lines so they are all creased.
Filled with whatever you think would make a good luck charm. This good luck charm box is a great gift in a loot bag, for a graduation, for a gift for someone staring a new career and countless other occasions.

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