Mother's Day - Small Victorian Flower Cards - Printable

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Small Victorian Flower CardsThese free printable small Victorian flower cards were designed from Victorian calling cards.

These beautiful little cards are the perfect finishing touch on a gift for Mother's Day, a Bridal Shower or even for Valentine's Day.

They are very feminine and delicate looking. If you have decorative scissors you could give them a fancy edge.

Placed on a white package with a red bow the cards really stand out. For a great shiny white paper use children's Finger Painting Paper and for instructions on how to make this bow go here.

Small Victorian Flower Cards.jpg
Print out the free printable from this Small Victorian Flower Cards.pdf

There are lines on the page to show where to cut the cards. I also cut about 1/4 inch from the edge so that the image would be more centered on the card.

You can use plain paper but it will be sturdier if you use card stock.

Print the cards then fold the paper in half lengthwise  Cut the 1/4 inch on the open edge and then cut each individual card with either straight scissors or decorative scissors.

These beautiful cards are a reminder of the elegance of Victorian times.

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