How to Make a Wine Glass Lamp

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Make a wine glass table lampI designed these little Wine Glass Lamps because there have been many times where I need a temporary light that I wanted to look pretty. 

If I am hosting a party I don't want long hallways or unused rooms to be dark so placing these little lamps about gives the right amount of light.

Wine Glass Lamps are also useful if you are hosting a party outside but want light to show the way to the powder room or kitchen. Here I am showing it on a buffet table.

They are based on the idea of making wine glasses into candles but these can be placed out unattended without the fear of fire since they are electric.
Print off a copy of the Wine Glass Lampshade Template.pdf .You can use any type of paper for this.  I prefer to use just plain white card stock as I like the fresh look. Cut the template out and use it as a pattern for your paper or if your paper is printer friendly print it out. Cut it and tape the lampshade. 

Clip light
To illuminate the wine glass lamp you need to use a clip on light cord. 

These are the types of single lights that are used to light up Christmas Villages and plastic pumpkins. 

You can look for them in dollar stores or craft stores.

Making a wine glass table lamp
I don't use the clip but just dangle the light inside the wine glass and pull the electric cord against the outside of the glass to the stem where I attach it to the stem with a piece of white twist tie.

Make a wine glass table lamp
Pop the light shade on and plug it in where you need it. Since I used a crystal glass the cut of the crystal shines through to the plain white paper to give it a lovely design.

You can make as many of these are you need and when you are finished with them they are easy to dismantle and won't take up much space at all.

These charming little Wine Glass Lamps are handy to have about and can be made up in an instant.

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