Money Saving Basics - Stocking Your Home with Luxury- The Bathroom

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Stocking your bathroom with luxuryYou bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is also a money pit because you constantly need to restock it.

While saving money is one of your first concerns sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more to use quality items that last longer.

When should you save and when should you splurge when stocking your bathroom?

Here is my money saving ideas of how to stock up the basics for your bathroom.
Pink Cambridge towelsTowels- Splurge Towels are not a place to scrimp. Cheaply made towels bleed their colors and get worn out quickly. You need to buy the best quality that you can but do it looking for sales - and there are brilliant sales out there. I wrote about the Cambridge Towel Tent Sale that happens once a year in August and of the great deals that happen.

You need to seek out in your own area any real outlet sales where you can snap up some deals. Big box stores do have white sales all the time but the quality of the towels might not be there. (If you hold them up to the light and they are see-through they are cheap towels.) You need to go into a very expensive store and see the quality of the expensive towels to compare. Ask them if they have sales and if you can get on their e-mail list.

I like having three sets of towels for each member of the family (one in use, one in the wash, one in the cupboard). Each family member has their own color of towel. I also have a set of white towels for overnight guest. 

Manicure set
Manicure sets Splurge These can last a lifetime if you buy good quality. As always sale is the name of the game and you want to buy a set that is made of stainless steel.

You need to keep your manicure set scrupulously clean and you should never share it with anyone. The last thing you want to do is accidentally give a family member an infection from your manicure set and vice versa. 

Toilet paper, Tissues, Cotton Swabs- Save Even if you prefer to use a high end toilet paper you should be saving your money by looking for coupons and stocking up. Really cheap toilet paper is no deal as there is little on the roll and so thin that you have to double it up. Some people really don't care what they use while others are very particular. 

Make any tissue box a designer box
If you don't like the box that your tissues come in don't pass up the deal. It is easy to Make Any Tissue Box a Designer Box

One thing you need to do is realize how much of the product you use up in a week. If you don't know how much you use you won't know how much to store. You really should never store more than 6 months to a year of toilet paper, tissues or cotton swabs. You want it to stay clean, odor free and not have little creatures make their homes in it.  Don't store in a damp area either.

Soap Save (and maybe Splurge) A plain bar of soap will get you just a clean as a fancy bar. For your daily needs stock up on soap that you can get on sale and with coupons. 

Basic soap you can make at home yourself but it does need about three months to cure properly and you might find, depending on the recipe that you use, that commercial soap will lather more than homemade soap. 

You make soap with water, melted fat and adding an alkaline base (lye is very common). Depending on the quality of the fat and alkaline you will either have a good or poor quality of soap. (This can become a really fun hobby, I use to make soap all the time and you can customize it with different ingredients).

Most people prefer to buy commercially made soaps but they might not know what they are buying. Many beauty bars are not soap but detergents, which are synthetic cleaners. While there is nothing wrong with them you should know what you are putting on your skin. 

I feel there are times that you need to indulge yourself. I like a very expensive soap so my husband buys a few of them for me at Christmas as stocking stuffers and I totally enjoy using them on my spa days at home or when I need a touch of luxury in my life. 

Toothpaste Save You will do more good brushing your teeth with inexpensive toothpaste for a full two minutes than spending a lot of money on an expensive brand of toothpaste and just rushing through it. It is the brushing part that is the most import. Toothpaste is on sale regularly but you need to check the sizes that are sold as there is no standard and you might be buying less than you thought.   

How often do you go through toothpaste? If you are not sure just write the date with a marker when you open a tube. Stock up a years worth of toothpaste but only on one that you have tried before. There is nothing worse than having 8 tubes of toothpaste that you can't stand the flavor of.

Toothbrush Splurge The quality of your toothbrush is very important. Many people are moving towards electric toothbrushes on advice from their dentists. Cheap toothbrushes wear out quickly and don't do a good job. 

You need to know from your dentist if you have soft enamel on your teeth or hard. People with soft enamel can literally brush it off when brushing their teeth with a hard bristled toothbrush. When you pick up your toothbrush remember to grab some dental floss as well. It is cheap and lasts forever and is vital to your oral health. Research show that people with bad dental care have a higher rate of heart disease. Look for sales.

Mouthwash- Save You might not actually need mouthwash. Why are you using it? If you are finding that your breath is constantly off you might want to check that you don't have some other medical condition. You might have problems with your teeth that are making your breath smell or you might have health problems that are making your breath smell. 

Occasionally all of us need a mouthwash if we have just finished a meal that has a strong odor or if we drink copious amounts of coffee. 

Using a tongue scrapper and brushing your teeth might do a better job of freshening your breath than just using mouthwash or you can do all three.

As mouthwash are full of chemicals that really are not good for you, you can make your own natural mouthwashes as the internet is full of recipes. These generally start with distilled water, Aloe Vera juice, cinnamon, cloves or peppermint oil.

Deodorant Save This is another item that you need to know who much you use in a year so you can stock up when it is on sale and you have coupons. Have you seen the amount of different deodorants there are out there! I personally only prefer to use ones that have no scent as I don't want a deodorant to be what people smell when they are near me. 

Shampoo & Conditioner Save & Splurge To keep your luscious hair looking it's best you are going to have to spend some money. Cheap shampoo can make hair dry and brittle and waste all the money that you have spent on your hair cut.  This doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune on hair products as there always seems to be a great substitute for the pricey brands.

Go on line and see what is suggested for less expensive but quality hair products. You also might find that you can dilute your shampoo and conditioner with 50% water and still get the same quality from them. 

There is also the trick of only using your pricey products every second time that you wash your hair and have a B brand that you use in between.  Stocking up on hair products can be tricky as they are constantly tweaking their formulas. What once worked wonders for you might now give you a headache as they added a scent you can not stand. 

The shampoo you buy for your kids can be very basic but don't go and buy a gallon of something before you have tried it out. If they have an allergic reaction or the product just isn't very good you will be stuck.

Think of only stocking up for 6 months as hair products go on sale regularly.

Moisturizers Save  Most moisturizers for your body pretty well work the same. In independent studies by beauty magazines drug store brands tend to work just as well as high end brands. The trick for having your inexpensive moisturizer feel luxurious is to put it in a beautiful container.  

The real trick about moisturizers? You should be using them every day to get the most benefit.

So what about all the rest of the stuff that we use before we head out the door in the morning? Cosmetics run the gamut in pricing and expensive does not mean it works better.

You need to research the products you need for you skin type and lifestyle. There are a huge range of products to chose from. The problem for many people is they buy something that doesn't work to their expectations, keep it, and buy something else. This is the way clutter grows in the bathroom.

If you have bought any cosmetics that you don't think has preformed the way that it should or it has given you an allergic reaction then return it to where you bought it. Cosmetic companies want to know if their is a problem with their products.

Your bathroom should feel like a sanctuary and there will be times that you can take a long soothing bath or shower and for that you might want to stash away a few luxuries products. If you are saving a bundle on the regular stuff you will be able to treat yourself more often.

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