How to Wrap a Bouquet of Flowers

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how to wrap a bouquet of flowers
There are times when you have a garden full of flowers you want to share the beauty with friends and family.

While you could just roll them in newspaper you know that there is a nicer way of doing it.

Learning the same tricks that the florist do to wrap your flowers when you give them as gifts will make your flowers seem extra special.

This also comes in very handy when you can buy your flowers at discounted prices but there is no presentation to them.

wrapping flowers
You are going to need wrapping paper and I just use gift wrap paper. 

Don't use cheap thin paper as it will crease and rip very easily. I add a layer of tissue paper for some extra color. 

I over lapped the tissue paper about an inch on the top corner and two sides with the good side facing out.

Cut the paper into a large square.

wrapping flowers
Place your green in the corner of the paper and extending an inch or two. Lay your first flowers on top of the green.

wrapping flowers
Add the flowers one stem at a time in layers so you can see the flower heads. When you wrap the flowers they will gather together.

wrapping flowers
Take the right corner of the wrapping and tissue paper and pull it across the flowers but not too tightly.

You want to make a point at the bottom of the paper.

wrapping flowers
Take the paper on the left side and pull it over.

wrapping flowers
Tuck the paper behind and tape. 

wrapping flowers
If the point of the paper is very long then bend back the bottom and tape it.

Wrap a bouquet of flowers like a florist
You can add a beautiful bow the same color as the flowers.

Wrap a bouquet of flowers like a florist
You should wrap your flowers at the last minute to make sure they are fresh. Remember that there ends will need to be trimmed again before they are put in water.

Wrapping flowers left as a giftBeautifully wrapped you can leave your flowers for family and friends as a wonderful surprise 

Don't forget to leave a note with your flowers so they know who they are from.

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I wouldn't have believed it was possible to make a bouquet of yellow roses any prettier, but your wrapping did it! How beautiful!

Thank you Barbara! How lovely for you to comment.

You are so right, with the right wrapping you can never tell discount from the best. Thanks for sharing, I am coming from Nap party. Drop by for a visit. Kathy

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