Vintage Movable Valentine Cards - Free Printable

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Vintage Movable Valentine Day CardsI thought I would share with you more of my cards, this time from my Valentine's Collection.

These cute little cards are from the 1920 and each one of them has an element that you can move. These are in surprisingly good shape considering little fingers probably played with them a great deal.

The secret to their movement is that they are put together with very small split pins (also called round head fasteners). 

I have been looking for this small size and haven't been able to find them yet but the larger size split pin doesn't take away from the charm when you reproduce them.

Print these out on card stock they are wonderful to give as Valentine Cards, to use as tags or use in your Valentine displays.
Movable Valentine Girl with dogAll of these cards are to be cut out and then attached with their movable part. 

They all have areas on the bottom of each card that can be cut so they will stand. 

The Girl with Puppy.pdf   has a split pin in her shoulder so her arm moves up and down. To see how the stand on the bottom is cut look to the photo  above.

Vintage Movable Valentine Day Cards
has a figure that jumps out from behind the couch with a bouquet of flowers.

The split pin is in the couch and again the bottom of the card is cut and bent to make it into a standing card. You can see it more clearly on this card where to cut and bend.

Movable Valentine with Saxophone
has her split pin at about hip level so she can bend backwards and forwards with her saxophone. 

The stand on this one is slightly different as the base is cut up the middle and two sections are folded back to make the stand. 

Cut the cards as close the the design as you can. Use a very small hole punch to make the holes for the split pins. If you find that the split pins stand out too much then you can color the tops of them to match the card.

If you are having problems finding the split pins then you can just tape the cards together, they won`t be able to move but you will still be able to use them. 

Vintage Valentine Card on Brunch table
I enjoy decorating around the house with my vintage Valentine Cards and I often use them on the table if I am serving a brunch or lunch for Valentine`s Day.

These cards are so cute that I am sure that you will find places to put them to brighten up your home.

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These are so cute! I love this style of vintage card. I am going to be posting a vintage-style Valentine's dress in the next day or two- come check it out!

Thank you for your generosity. I love cards with a fun element.

Thanks for sharing! I love vintage postcards and cards :)

Thanks for sharing these free printables. So cool!! I'm pinning this! Glad you linked up.

Thanks for sharing these! They are super cute!
Visiting from

Thank you sooo much for sharing. I too L O V E these vintage cards.

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