Santa Labels and Stamps from the North Pole - Free Printables

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Printable Labels and Stamps from Santa
There is a way to make a special gift even more special and that  by adding these labels to them that are obviously from Santa in the North Pole.

Print them off and add them to any gift that you want to make stand out. This could be charming if you added it to the wrapping of a secret Santa gift.

I show them here on brown wrapping paper but they would really stand out if you were to put them on white wrapping paper or red & white paper.
Labels and stamps from Santa free printablesThe three labels are on this Santa Delivery Labels.pdf
Urgent Delivery, Express from North Pole and Must be Delivered by December 24th.

There is a sheet of reindeer stamps on this Red Reindeer Stamp.pdf.

2 Santa Delievery Labels.jpg
With the labels cut them out either around their shapes or using a paper cutter cut them into squares and rectangles.

(While these look pink they are actually red strips click on the pdf to see the real color).

With the Must Be Delivered by December 24th Label I cut it out using a circle cutter but if you don't have one of these then use a round lid to draw a circle around the label.

1 Red Reindeer Stamp.jpg
The stamps were cut out with a pair of scissors called postal that gives a great edge to them.

I used a glue stick to put them on the package as too much glue will make the paper wrinkle.

Printable Labels and Stamps from Santa
A cute and easy way to make a special present pop!

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I love these printables and I can't wait to add them to a couple of special gifts...I'm going to share these on it

The printables are a real cute idea. I would love it if you would share this tip at my Christmas link party over at Rustic Crafts ~
Hope to see you there!

These are so cute, but you spelled Delivery and Delivered wrong on two of the three stickers. JFYI!

Thank you VERY MUCH for pointing this out! I fixed it immediately (Maybe Santa uses extra "e"s in his spelling?)

I just love this!!! Awesome!!

Really like the printables, so nice of you to share how to make them. Thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best and happy holidays!

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