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Surprise bagI make these little mystery or surprise bags for raffle prizes.  

I have also used them as little favors bag and I know that they would go great in loot bags or prize packets.

Kids aside these would be great to hold a small gift for your sweetie  (that you can leave on a pillow or bedside table). 

These small bags are made from a single sheet of paper that has the question mark printed on it. 

The bags themselves are easy to form on either a small sturdy box or a piece of lumber.  I have a PDF and tutorial to show how easy it is.
I tend to make these assembly line fashion as I generally am making a dozen or more at a time. Print off as many copies of the  Mystery bag.pdf as you will be making bags. Before you start to form the bag make sure that the ink is completely dry so you don't smudge it. The size of the box that I form them on is 3 inches wide, 2 1/8 inches deep and 5 1/4 inches high (the height doesn't matter as much as the sides).

Folding mystery bag
On a clean surface place the printed side up center the question mark over your box or block of wood.

Crease the paper to over the edges and remove it from the box. Fold the paper to make strong creases.

folding back of mystery bag
Flip it over and do the same on the back.

Gluing back seam of mystery bag
Glue the back seam.

folding mystery bag base
Making sure that you are folding the bottom of the bag, make folds on the base as you would to wrap a gift, gluing at every fold.

Making creases in mystery bag
Gently pull out the box (if the box is shorter than the formed bag then open the lid of the box before you start to form the bag so you will be able to put your hand inside the box to pull it out)  Press the front of the bag in line with the back of the bag to get side creases.

Surprise bag with name tag
Here is the surprise bag marked with a name so you could use it for a place setting at a meal. This could be fun for a Halloween dinner.

These little bags are very fun and fast to make.

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