10 Tips on How to Sell on Kijiji and Craigs List Safely and for Big Bucks

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1960's Liquor bottlesIf you are looking around your home and coming the realization that there are so many things that are still in great shape and are worth something but you no longer need them or want them then it might be time for you to start selling a few of those things off to make money for things that do want and need.

Selling with on line classifieds is a great way to reach a lot of people easily with the items that you have for sale.

But why are some people able to sell their things quickly while with other people the items stay there for ever?

Here are 10 great tips on how to sell you things quickly and easily with online sites like Craigs List and Kijiji.
1. Make sure what you have is sellable.
What ever it is, it should be in good enough shape that it will sell. Don't think that you can sell broken items because there is going to be someone out there that will fix them up and use them. If it is broken then you might want to give it away for free. If it really is something that is valuable and that can be fixed then get it fixed and then put it for sale. If you smoke or have pets then clean the item and put it somewhere it can air out. No one wants a stinky, hair encrusted object.

2. Know what it is called.
 People can not find what you are selling if you are calling it by the wrong name or if you have not spelled it properly. If there are several spellings of it  then use all of them in your ad (such as broach/brooch). If you are not sure if your furniture should be called a sideboard or a buffet then put both in the title and description.

3. Be thorough on how you are describing it. 
What size is it? What color is it? How old is it? Where was it manufactured and who was the maker? Why are you getting rid of it. Does it have a story behind it? Can you offer delivery? The more information you are giving your buyer the more they will connect with the item. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. When you do it is like you are YELLING at people and can turn people off. It does not make your ad stand out, it is irritating.

4. Have several pictures. 
The photos of the item are absolutely crucial. Make sure that the only item in the photo is what you are selling. If it is a small item then place it on a table or floor that has a contrasting solid colored. So if you were selling a pair of white candle sticks then place then on a black background. Take a photo from several different angles. If you are selling a piece of furniture then make sure that it is against a plain colored wall or if you need to drape a plain colored sheet over the wall to take the photo. Don't use your flash as it will fade the item or make it look the wrong color. Take the photo in a good light.

5.Know what your price should be. 
You have to be realistic about how much you should be charging for an item that is basically second hand. (Even if it is something that you bought and never used it still is considered second hand.) Go on line and see what other people are asking for the same thing. You need to show that your item is better because it is a better brand, in better condition, is newer (or older if it is an antique) or is more unique. If it is a newer item then take the price from a recent ad and post that along with the amount they would be paying for taxes. This works really well if you can also add an link to a store to prove that is what they are selling it for.

6.Be very clear on how you are expecting to be paid. 
Cash only should appear in your ad. Especially if the items are large furniture pieces do not let them load it into their car or truck before they pay you. It is an old trick of antique buyers to load everything up and then start renegotiating the price again. They might have agreed in the beginning to pay you $250 for your table but once it is in the truck they only offer you $150. They know that most people don't want to unload the item especially if it took two people (the seller and buyer) to load it.

7. Have the persons cell phone number.
 It is amazing how many people will make plans to come buy your item and then never show up.

8. Be safe.
With small valuable items never meet the person at your home. It is best to meet them in a busy well lit area like a popular coffee shop. Always have another person with you. If it is a piece of furniture in your home then have it ready for them to view at the front door or in your garage. Never be alone with the person buying the furniture, they are a stranger no matter how pleasant they might appear.

9. Resubmit you ad after 2 weeks.
If your ad has not had any action on it, it might be that you are selling the item at the wrong time of year (garden furniture in the dead of winter) or that there might be something about your ad that is turning potential buyers off. Have someone look over your ad, they might be able to point out something that is wrong with it. Once the item is sold remove the ad immediately.

10. Try to have several other ads and items running at the same time if you are using Kijiji. 
People are always curious of what else you might have for sale. They could have originally been interested in buying your photocopier but when they see that you are also selling off your bar ware and plants they might want to buy several items.

The great thing about selling your items in on line classified is that you can reach a huge audience. If you keep yourself organized and safe it is a great way to profitably make money on items you no longer need.

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Dear Miss
How would I go about selling some very rare stones.

You don't mention where you live so it is difficult for me to give advice to you. If you are living in North America then I would suggest you use a very high end auction house that has a specific jewelry department.

A reputable auction house will be able to appraise your stones and give you an estimate of how much they might sell for.

As these auctions only happen once a year it might be some time before they sell.

Alternatively you could put these stones on consignment with a high end jeweler. They usually take 25% to 33% of what the stones sell for as their commission.

Good Luck.

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