How to Clean and Shine Plant Leaves on Houseplants - Tips & Hints

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Cleaning HouseplantsShiny plant leaves make your houseplants look healthy and alive. While it is easy to clean and shine plant leave most people stop doing it because they are disappointed with commercial cleaners or home remedies. 

You would think that commercial plant cleaners are how you get that glossy shine that you see in green houses and at florist but it probably isn't.

Most florist don't even use the same plant shine that they sell to their customers but prefer to keep it a industry secret.

What do they use to make their plants look so shiny and glossy?  You are about to find out about the florist secret trick.
Plant leaf shineMineral oil is what is used to give houseplants a super high gloss shine. While it can not be used on plants that have a fuzzy appearance and should never be used on Rubber Plants (the only thing you should ever clean a Rubber Plant with is water and a soft cloth) any other plants that have a gloss to their leaves will benefit from it.

Just dap a little bit of mineral oil, that you can buy from most pharmacies,  on a soft cloth and very gently rub it into the leaf of the plant. You only need a little bit of it as it goes a long way. Make sure that it is well absorbed into the leaf.

If you live in a very dusty home then you might have to occasionally wipe the leaves down again to remove the dust but you only need to reapply the mineral oil once or twice a year.

This is going to give you that fabulous healthy shine on your plant leaves and leave them clean and healthy as well.

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