Cheap and Easy Ways to Look Richer, Younger, Thinner

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CosmeticsNo one will ever say that looking your absolute best won't cost you money.

Great style will cost you some cash, but it doesn't mean that you can't do it on a shoe string.

 If $1000 facials, expensive exercise club memberships and designer clothes are out of the questions then follow these suggestions to get the same results for thousands of dollars less.

There are cheaper ways to look richer, younger and thinner.

We've all had it happen to us at some point.  We are just living our own lives when an invitation comes out of the blue were we have to put our best foot forward. It might be a class re-union, a unexpected job offer or meeting up with a long lost friend.

What can you do to make yourself shine?

Look Rich
How do you make yourself look as if you are doing very well financially?  It comes down to the subtle detail of how you hold yourself and what you are wearing. We expect people that are doing well in life to exude confidence and have a air about them, that all is well in their world.

Bad posture looks as if you have no confidence in yourself at all, as if the world has defeated you. If you find that you slump forward try to think that there is an invisible string from the very top of your head that is pulling you up. Keep your chin up and look at the world, there is a lot to see. 

Often bad posture has a lot to do with your footware. Running shoes and athletic shoes are meant to be worn when you are running or doing athletic things. They were never meant to be worn all day, that is a product of marketing.

Good shoes (and I don't mean expensive shoes) tend to be made of natural materials like leather. It doesn't matter if they are for men or women they should have a slight heel to them. It will help balance your body better. (My pet peeve is people don't believe they can get comfortable leather shoes, yes you can and they will be more comfortable than your athletic shoes).

Your shoes should be in tip top condition. If they are leather they should shine. Spend some time cleaning and applying shoe polish, it will make a world of difference.

Your grooming has to be impeccable. (It does not mean that you have to go over the top with makeup if you are a woman)  It means that you should have a manicure and pedicure (which you can easily do at home). You hair cut should be good one. I think men more than women tend to stay with the same hair cuts year after year (we will talk more about this in Younger). For a woman having her hair up tends to make her look more elegant, but it can't be a messy bun, it needs to be well done.

If it is the warm weather then women should have either waxed or shaved any parts that need to be. Men should be closely shaved no matter what time of day it is. If it means shaving in the evening so be it. 

Don't wear cologne, after shave or perfume that can be smelled before you enter the room. The same for hair spray for women and deodorant for men. The only time any one should ever smell your fragrances is if they are snuggled next to you. If you have been wearing the same scent for more than three months then change to something else as your nose has become use to it and you probably don't smell how strong it is anymore.

With so many people with perfume allergies now I probably would not wear any scent at all. It would be awful that the person that you have been so forward in seeing again has to leave because your scent is giving them a head ache.

Your clothes should be clean and pressed and fit you very well. Women should not have dress straps constantly slipping off their shoulders or be tugging at their clothes because they are too tight. Men should not have clothes that are two sizes too big because you want to feel comfortable. With any clothes the shoulders should fit perfectly so the garment hangs properly on your body.

If you going to be wearing an over coat or jacket then this needs to look amazing. It will be the first impression that you give.

Women can dress very plainly and pile on the jewelry and it will look stunning. You don't need real jewels as vintage and antique costume jewelry can look as if you have inherited something special. Very modern jewelry can also look very striking.

A crisp white shirt always looks good on a man so if it is a more formal occasion or a business occasion think about staying with white. If you are wearing a tie make sure that it is in perfect condition, no wrinkles or stains. For a less formal occasion don't go supper casual. Slacks and a shirt are always a good choice but so are slacks with a solid colored crew neck.

It use to be that men would put a great deal of money into their watches but if the watch looks ratty then think about changing the watch band. Don't wear an obvious fake, like a Rolex, they don't fool anyone. So many people don't wear watches anymore are the take the time from their cell phones. 

Look Younger

When was the last time you changed your hair style. Many men stick to what they were doing in their 20's and it ages them. They don't look younger, they look older than they are. Very short hair is stylish right now for men so you might want to re-think how you are getting it trimmed. 

No comb overs. The actor Patrick Stewart is a fabulous example of a man who started loosing his hair at an early age and trimmed what he had. He is not totally bald, he keeps his hair very short and looks very nice.

Nothing can change the way a woman looks faster than a hair style. A good cut and color can drop 10 or more years off the way you look. If you still have the same hair cut since high school then you need a major reality check. If no one has told you in the last few months that you have beautiful hair then your stylist is not doing their job.

Make up is meant to enhance women not stand out. As with hair cuts, if you are still doing your make up the same way that you did during high school then you are aging yourself. The older you get the less product should be showing on your face. Strong make up is not meant for the day times, you need to look subtle as if you were having your make applied by an expert. The general rule is that either your eyes or your lips should stand out, not both, you will look like a clown. Have subtle eye make up and a killer red lipstick or nude lips and strong eye make up.

Play around. Look at some current fashion magazines and see what they are doing. 

Both men and women have to take care of their skin. The best thing you can do is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You don't need expensive moisturizer but you might need a lot of it if you have not been using it in a long time. I'm not talking about just your face. With women it should be all over. Moisturizing will get rid of unsightly razor or waxing bumps on you legs, make your hands and arms look great and smooth out the tone and texture of your face and chest. 

While men can get away with looking more rugged their hands should not look as if they were never taken care of with unkempt nails, ground in dirt and open wounds. If you do rough work then you should be wearing gloves to protect your hands. A simple manicure and medicated ointment for your cuts and scrapes will help a great deal.  Soak your hands clean and use a nail brush.

While teeth whitening went over the top a few years ago with people using monthly products daily the trend now seems to be to have a more natural color. Over use of teeth whitening products can do permanent damage to your teeth. Use it wisely and follow the instructions. You don't want your teeth to be yellow but white, white, teeth have a false look to them and people might begin to think that your teeth are not real. Few people have truly white teeth, the color tends to be more of a cream color.

Get the glow of good health by doing some cardio every day.  You don't want to have a pasty look about you and even if you start stair stepping for 10 minutes a day it will make your skin begin to glow. (The simplest stair stepping is to stand on the floor at the bottom of a stair case and step on and off the first step. Simple.) Of course the more you exercise the healthier you will look and become so start thinking about a exercise plan.

Look Thin

Other than the obvious of reducing your weight there are ways that you can dress that will give the illusion that you are thinner than you actually are. The point of this is to look as if you have shaved off a few pounds and you have to be realistic about what you can expect. Some people do dress terribly and just getting into clothes that are the right size will accomplish this goal.

A very high neckline on a top makes your head look smaller in compared to your body and generally is not very flattering. An open collared neckline will show more skin so your head looks more in proportion to your body. 

 To find out what is the best neckline on a woman put on a loose top that has enough give that you can pull the fabric into different neckline shapes. Make a v-neck by pulling it down with one finger in the front, a square neck by pulling it to two side and a deep oval by pulling the front of the top down.  Do this in front of a full length mirror and you will see very quickly what looks best on you. Start buying tops that have the best necklines.

Your clothes fall from your shoulders so again it is very important that they fit properly. If the shoulder seams fall on your upper arms then you will look wider than you actually are.

While everyone knows that black is slimming it can also get to be a bit depressing if that is what you are wearing all the time. One darker color worn head to toe will make you look thinner.  Charcoal grey is a good choice for both men and women.

Avoid anything that is double breasted. The second row of buttons will just make you look wider. If you are wearing a jacket then one low button has a slimming effect. 

For women draping a shawl around their shoulders and pinning it can look very elegant and hid any lumps and bumps. This works particularly well if you are dressed in one color  and the shawl is a strong contrasting color. Add a stunning broach to it and everyone will be looking at the broach.

For both men and women if they are wearing a jacket or sweater make sure that it is not too short and making you look wide. Try on jackets and sweaters that are longer to see if they suit your style and give a nicer line.

Finally relax. Everyone likes being around someone who has confidence. Stand tall, have a smile on your face and engage yourself with the people that are around you.

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This is exactly the kind of article I was looking for - something that made sense, and wasn't trying to sell anything.

I recently read about using Vaseline as a facial moisturizer. I've been using it, and it does seem to work well, although it plumps my skin out some. What do you think of using Vaseline as a face moisturizer, or Cocoa or Shea butter. I'm nearing 40, and have a very tight budget - so skimp where I can.

Thank you. And again, I think your article was excellent.

Hi Rose, I am so happy that this helped! I personally would not use Vaseline as it is a petroleum jelly (it is a by-product in oil refining). I personally use a non scented moisturizer that is made from natural ingredients, that way I can use it before bed and won't get a head ache from any scent. Unfortunately the label came off so I can't tell you the brand until I go back to where I bought it. It was not expensive and probably cheaper than Cocoa or Shea Butter.

I hope you enjoy my other articles and join me on Facebook!

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