Hot Dog! Hand Warmers to Make

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Hot Dog Hand Warmers
So I have a silly sense of humor... these little hand warmers are perfect if you have to be waiting outside or walking outside on a chilly winter's day. Slip one in each pocket to keep you hands toasty warm.

They are very simple to make using an easy pattern and sewing technique. I fill mine with rice as it is cheap and easy for me to get but I have heard of other options that you can check on the web.

Make a basket full to have handy by the front door for the whole family or make a bunch (litter?) to use as stocking stuffers for Christmas or as easy inexpensive gifts.
You must use 100% cotton material for this project as some polyester blends can smell and even catch on fire in a microwave. Make sure that the thread you are using is also cotton. 

Read through the instructions first as my pattern cutting is a bit different from the normal.

Pattern for Hot Dog Hand Warmer
Print out the pattern (I just copied the image to Publisher and printed) and cut it out of card stock or stiff cereal board. 

Making hand warmer 1
Take your piece of fabric that is 7" x 11" and fold in half so it is 7" by 5-1/2" and press. Using a pencil or white sewing pencil trace that pattern on the wrong side of your fabric. The good side of the fabric will be on the inside.

Making hand warmer 2
You are going to be sewing the pencil tracing of the pattern starting just on the back end and around the tail over the body and stopping just after the back heel so the back end stays open. It is difficult to see here as I sewed red thread on red fabric.

Making hand warmer 3
When you have completed sewing cut the excess fabric from around the pattern leaving about quarter of an inch of fabric from the stitching. Where there are corners you are going to snipe into the corners but don't cut into the sewing. Where the tail end, ear tip, heel and toe is cut off the excess fabric at the very tip but again don't cut into the sewing.

Making hand warmer 4
Turn the dog inside out and taking a dull pointed object like a knitting needle or a pen that has a cap on it, push the corners out to make them look crisp. Don't push too hard. Press with an iron making sure that the edge of the un-sewn back end is on the inside of the doggy.

Loosely fill the doggy with rice, you don't want it to be full as the raw rice will expand if over heated.  Hand sew the back side shut. 

Hot Dog hand warmers to make
Microwave in 10 second increments to check how warm it gets, if you over heat it the rice will burn inside the bags. My doggies take 20 seconds to heat in my microwave but everyone's microwaves are different and your could take a bit shorter or longer.

Because to their funny shapes these actually sit nicely on my shoulders to sooth my neck and shoulder pains, I can't put them directly from the microwave to my shoulders as they are too hot. 

There you have it, your Hot Dog Hand Warmer! 

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First, hands off on the cute hotdog :) haha it's a wonderful thing. Second, I'd like to point out I missed the fact that you're not supposed to fill the thing all the way! It popped in the microwave, plus it was a bit tight to begin with. I'm a bit of a newbie to DIY, so that's probably why. My little one will be helping me over the weekend with a new "trail" haha.

Will keep you posted.


I am lovin all your fab ideas! I would love it if you would share this post on Spa{ahhh} Sundaze ( ). I want to make this, but not sure I would be able to part with it as a gift... I'd wanna keep it!

I love these and would do them in camo for my outdoorsmen! Love them! Thank you for sharing them at "Meet Me Monday"! Love, Me

Love these! I'm going to have to give them a shot!

Oh... they are so cute! I might have to get those a try.

That is super sweet and so cute ! great as a stocking filler as well!! Love the fabric colours too!!

Really cute!

so much cuter than just a plain square! love this!

I SO need one of these. Theyre still putting the a/c on at my job and its like 30degrees. Brrr... Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right now :)

Have a great week!!

Love the "hot dog" design, too cute. I've never thought to make hand warmers, but when I make boo boo packs and heat packs, I always use flax seed instead of rice (usually not too expensive if you get it in the bulk food section of the health food store) because you don't have to worry about over filling it since it won't expand or pop. Flax seed also won't make a funny smell if you leave it in the microwave too long or it gets old (had bad experiences with that one). Oh and the flax absorbs essential oils real well so you can make your packs scented, and the smell lasts forever. Ok I'll stop ranting, just wanted to share some tips that have helped me. I'm off to go through my scrap box to see if I can find some cotton fabric with cute prints to make some of these for my neices' stockings.

Thanks for the great advice! I knew that you could use other things than rice but I hadn't any experience with anything else so I stuck with what I knew. I will definitely look out for flax seed and give it a try!

Visiting from Made by you Mondays. I love Scotty dogs, so I had to check out your hand warmers. I've seen these kind of warmers before, and I really like that there environmentally friendly because they're reusable, but I've always wondered - how long do they actually stay warm?

I love this! I knew rice could be heated and used like this, but never thought to make something so cute with it.

Super stinkin' cute!! Great job!!

What a great stocking stuffer idea..thanks for sharing! I've been looking for some little crafty but useful things and these fit the bill perfectly! I will have to go check what else you've been doing!!!

How clever!!!!! Would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing.

Mine stay warm for a good 20 to 30 minutes but I have to let them cool for a moment when I take them out of the microwave because I find that they are too hot to put next to my skin. Hope this helps.

So cute! Maybe an after-Christmas project :) Thank you for sharing!

Kindly, Lorraine

these are so darling!

These are AMAZING! So functional, yet adorable! And my hands are always cold! :)
Would love for you to link up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog... Have a great Friday!

Emily @ BabyBerry

My Aunt has a Westie and she would go crazy for these! SO cute! Thank you so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday and Merry Christmas!

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