Make Your Own Baby Memory Book

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Baby Memory Book
It is delightful to note the milestones of your baby in their own book but trying to find a baby memory book that fits your personality can be difficult. Many of them are too sweet and cloying and if you have a more down to earth personality they can be absolutely ridiculous. There is also the problem many of them have printed pages of milestones your not interested in and they lack milestones for events that you find important. To top it off they can be outrageously expensive. 

So many of us feel awkward filling in pages because we are afraid to make mistakes or we don't care for our handwriting. When you make your own baby book using your computer you don't have to worry about this. Making your own customized baby book is simple if you have a printer. It is easy to pull this together with these suggestions.
It takes a little bit of organization and when baby first comes homes life can turn upside down. To start making a memory book you should first have a memory box, a sturdy clean box where you can safely store all the keepsakes that you want to include latter. These keepsakes can start even before the baby is born if you have any ultra sound pictures. Other things that can be included are the baby's foot prints, wrist band from the hospital, the hospital crib tags, any notices in the newspaper, birth announcement, cards of congratulations, ribbons from flower arrangements and any other bits and pieces that you don't want to get lost or damaged.

You will also probably be too tired to work on your book as you would like but you don't want to miss any milestones. Have a working sheet that you can jot down events and developements that can make pages about latter. Since it is just a working sheet it won't matter if you scrawl a few barely legible words on it. This is your memory book so note things that are important to you whether it be the first time baby blows a bubble or when she tries to mimic the dog's bark.

Baby memory book 1Some of the things you might want to include
  • babies name and how it was chosen
  • date and time of birth
  • length and weight
  • color of eyes and hair (or lack of)
  • Doctor or midwife (or taxi driver) who delivered baby

You could also include a small family tree which would include the names, birth dates and birth places of
  • brothers and sisters
  • parents
  • maternal and paternal grandparents
  • great grandparents
You could get very detailed and have all the relatives listed for several generations.

Baby memory book 2Some other ideas of things you could note
  • have a page dedicated to their growth where you would mark their weight and height  every month
  • first time sleeps through night
  • smiling at mommy and daddy
  • when they first start grabbing at objects
  • holding rattle and shaking
  • starting on cereal
  • first time they roll over
  • starting to sit in high chair
  • drinking from cup
  • claps hands
  • bathing in bathtub
  • starts on solid food and what it was
  • sits up without falling over
  • sits up from lying on stomach
  • crawls
  • first tooth
  • stands up by themselves
  • walks around using furniture for support
  • first hair cut
  • first steps
These are just some suggestions of things you might like to include. You could also do a separate page of doctors visits and immunizations or include it in your time line.

Of course you would also be including photos especially of the holidays. Baby's first Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday etc. You can also add a page of favorites, favourite toy, story book, song, nursery rhyme, food, clothes etc.

Typically you would make one page a list of events or information and glue a photograph or photographs on the opposite page. To make both pages seem uniform you would use the same boarder design on them. 

How long you want to do your baby book is personal, you can do it up to their first  birthday finishing off the memory book with the photos and cards from their first birthday party or you can continue it. You could add a page or two on their second and third birthdays noting their weight and height and the accomplishments they made that year such as a list of words they can say on their second birthday.

Baby memory book 3You have a few options on what the actual  book can be. Baby memory books tend to be 8-1/2 by 11 inches instead of the larger scrap book size. You can buy a baby memory book and remove the pages to customize it for your self.  Because they are 8-1/2 by 11 you can use sheet protectors bought from stationary stores which are very reasonably priced compared to the scrap book sheet protectors.

As baby memory books can be expensive you could try to find a plain memory book that you like and customize the front so that it will look like a baby book. This is easy to do gluing a photo or a design that you like to the front of the cover as shown to the left.

If your baby book is going to be huge or you want to do it as frugally as possible, then you might want to consider buying a plain 1 inch three ring binder that  has a cover and spine where you can insert paper to customize it as shown to the right. This is actually a very good and inexpensive option to start with to get organized as you are constructing the baby book as it will be easy to move the pages around in a three ring binder until you have a design you are happy with.

Baby memory book 4You can print your pages out on either card stock for a thicker more durable page or just regular paper since you will be slipping it into a sheet protectore. You might prefer a simple design of just a border around the page with a title on the top and photo with caption or you might really enjoy many of the ideas that you can get from scrap booking websites that have wonderful designs.  Just using  Microsoft Publisher or other simple software you will be able to make great pages.

If you have all the information and photos that you want to use then you can take your time putting your memory book together. But don't wait too long, babies grow quickly and you will want to have something that you can snuggle on the couch with together and enjoy.

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1 Comment

This is a fabulous idea, and can be given as a gift to the new parents at a baby shower. Choose a binder in a color that coordinates with the party colors and dress it up with fabric & ribbon embelishments. Include pages at the beginning of the book for several months of pregnancy events, and for party guests to sign & record well wishes; a gift record; pictures of the guests; the mother/parents opening the gifts, etc. Guests' artwork would be a nice inclusion too if art supplies were made available at the party.

So many great possibilities! Thanks for such great guidelines for making the customized memory book.


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