25 More (Inexpensive) Ideas to Give Your Life Luxury

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River at twilight
The French have a saying that,  "It is impossible to overdo luxury" (which was probably said by someone with either an unlimited bank account or a great deal of debt). I have never been in the position that I could overdo the luxuries in my life but I thoroughly enjoy the luxuries I have.  

Luxuries help make life feel so much better when you are going through tough times or when you just need to pamper yourself. As I wrote in 25 Inexpensive Ideas to give Your Life Luxury, no matter how tight money is there are many little things you can do to give your life a bit of luxury. Here are 25 more inexpensive ideas.

River at twilight
1. Walk through a historic area at twilight during lovely weather. Old buildings are enchanting and you need to take the time to enjoy them. 

A twilight stroll on a beautiful warm night can wind you down from your hectic life and make you take the time to appreciate beautiful architecture. There is beauty all around us, we just have to take the time to look at it.

2.Toothpaste. Use a  toothpaste that you absolutely love the flavor of. It might cost a tiny bit more than what is on sale but what a great way to start your day than with a bit of luxury on your toothbrush.

3.Picnic.  Food always seems to taste better when it is eaten outside. There is something about the romance of a bygone era when people could take the time to enjoy their food. Pack up a few unexpected treats and make like you are one of the idle rich. For great inexpensive ideas on how to have a wonderful picnic read Perfect Picnic Ideas - Style on a Budget.

4.Find an amazing chocolate desert recipe, something that will make grown men cry and children become your slaves. Make this your signature dish and be able to whip it up for yourself in a moments notice. This is your indulgence. Eat it slowly, savor it and wonder how the other half lives.

5. Drape your backyard or terrace in twinkle lights or outdoor lighting. These are not expensive if you buy them at the end of the summer season or the end of the Christmas season. They add a happy glow to your outside area. Have a few candles out there as well and you will have a resort atmosphere in your own backyard.

6. Have something engraved. Engraving is inexpensive if you have it done on site. You can engrave an item that you use everyday with your initials or a special word or a date that is significant to you. Wouldn't it be great to reach for your pencils in a silver mug that says 'Genius'. Engraving can be done on many metals including silver plate and brass and these items are easily found at thrift stores.

7.Have a favourite quote written out in script on your computer and place on your vanity table. Something that will inspire you or bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Look for a beautiful frame at thrift stores or garage sales to place it in.  Look for saying and quotes like Henry David Thoreau's - Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. 

8. Change your everyday bathroom supplies into beautiful containers. Years ago a woman would sit at her vanity and chose from countless beautiful bottles and jars that her potions and lotions were in. If you buy your beauty products like moisturizer in bulk bottles look for pretty bottles or jars to put them in. You can sometime find vintage jars at thrift shops or antique malls. Wash them out well with bleach and hot water before transferring your supplies into them.

9. Have a hook for your bathrobe in a convenient spot. Or even several hooks in convenient spots. Sometimes the definition of luxury is convenience, if you have to run across the bathroom floor dripping wet from the shower it does not make for a very luxurious experience.

10. Have a special moisturizer for your hands in a luscious scent. You will only use a tiny bit as this is not the stuff you will be slathering on yourself but just using on your hands. It is a tiny touch of elegance that you can enjoy. If you can't justify the cost of a pricey moisturizer you want then ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift.

11. Make a heating pillow made of  rice.  This is amazing to remove the tension out of your back or to tuck into bed with you on very cold winter nights.  They are simple to make from a piece of soft cotton fabric. 

Sew a tube long enough to drape over your neck and fill it loosely with uncooked rice then sew the ends closed. When you want to warm it up place it in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the size of the bag (check every 10 seconds when you first microwave it as all microwaves are different). Drape it around your neck and relax.

Old fashioned Champagne glasses12. Champagne glasses A small bottle of champagne costs less than $5. and you have to drink it in a champagne glass. These are another thrift store find that give your life that added bit of elegance.

13. Matching sleep set. Remember those movies from the 1930's where the heroine would sashay about in  the most amazing nightgowns?  Well you might feel a little bit silly in something so over the top but having something nice looking and comfortable to sleep in is a luxury. You don't have to buy a expensive set but look for pieces that match each other so your pajamas, slippers and robe all look pulled together. Think of how fetching you will look coming down to brunch on the weekends. 
14.Spa day at home. Ahhhhh....I wrote extensively about this in At Home Spa - Luxury on a Budget Don't make excuses why you can't pamper yourself it is also a day of renewal that will get you energized. Maybe you need to realize that taking the time for yourself is one of the ultimate luxuries.

15. Fixings for a drink tray. It use to be that no house of good standing would not have a drinks tray ready to offer weary guest a fast nosh and spirit. Good tray, several glasses, swizzle sticks and other accouterments can be bought at clearance sales and and thrift stores.  It doesn't have to be alcohol on the tray either. Just setting it out with some juices, ice and nibbles can make you tre chic during your evening in.

16.Get a shawl. These use to be such granny items but now chic women everywhere are wearing them. A shawl adds some style and elegance as you are sitting outside on a cool summers evening or  when entertaining friends at home. Much more luxurious than a sweater you can make one for yourself from silk, satin or velvet.

17. Ice. Oh such a little thing but how sorrily it is missed if you don't have it when you need it. If you have a ice maker in your refrigerator you don't know how spoiled you are. Ice can be enjoyed in so many different ways, large chunks in punch bowls, shaved to keep seafood cool, crushed in a tall glass that you sip slowly in the summer time. 

Try to get into a routine to fill up your various ice cube trays so you will have a variety to chose from and so you won't run out. Remember that ice does have a freezer life and can start taking on odors from other food.

18. Shrimp or exotic seafood. There is a season for seafood just as there is for fruits and vegetables and during the season they are not outrageously expensive. Look for them in season and on sale and treat yourself to something different.

19. Manicure set in a leather case. Though this sounds pricey leather outlet stores  like Danier Leather often have them as clear outs after Christmas. A well made leather manicure case will last you decades and you will know that all your manicure items will be safe and clean in one spot.

20.Music from the library. Expand your listening pleasure by borrowing music from a totally different genre  than you usually listen to. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with classical or jazz music.

21.Make a favourite movie list and go on line to see if others can add to it by suggesting similar or complimentary movies. Local libraries often have movies on file and some will even bring in requests from other libraries.

22. Fluffy blanket to snuggle up with when reading on a Sunday afternoon. It might take you some time to find the right blanket or you might have to even make it yourself. Forget about cheap synthetic blankets and try to find a good quality one made from all natural materials. This could be something you could try to hunt out at outlet malls.

23. Portrait of a favourite pet in a lovely frame. You have portraits of all the rest of your family members why not your pet? They bring you a lot of happiness so take the time to get a really good portrait photo of them. Again look for beautiful frames in thrift stores and at garage sales.

24. Fire in the fireplace or several candles in a display. If you have a fireplace make sure that you use it. There is something so comforting and charming about enjoying a crackling fire. If you don't have a fireplace then put candles in safe and strategic places and remember to use them in the evenings. Never leave candles unattended.

Decaf coffee25. Buy a really good blend of decaffeinated coffee from the bulk coffee section of your grocery store or specialty shop. 

Just a few dollars worth is all that you need and then if you feel like having a late night coffee and liqueur or a decadent desert with coffee you won't have to worry about staying up all night. Keep this decaffeinated coffee well wrapped in the freezer to maintain its freshness.

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Love all of these tips!!!

Hi Ingrid, I love pampering and beauty around me. Great tips. (This article is going in my link round up this week)! Best, Barb

Thank you so much for these posts about little luxuries. I read them over and over because the are so inspiring. I feel excited to read your new series about organization.

Thanks Rowan! I loved writing the two articles about little luxuries because I truly believe you can live a luxurious life without having to spend scads of money. I'm so glad you're reading the new series! I hope you enjoy it.


Fantastic ideas! I have some to share with you if you're interested. You have my email address.

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