Making Shoe Clips to Dress Up Your Shoes

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Making shoe clips to dress up your shoesFor anyone who dreams of having a closet full of shoes but realizes that the cash is just not there, shoe clips can give the illusion of dozens of different pairs of shoes without the cost or space. 

The best part is that shoe clips are surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make. Shoe clips were once the norm for fashionable but frugal Victorians that would have several different types for various occasions. 

You might have seen shoe clips at vintage dress shops where the small jeweled ones are often mistaken for earrings.

For most people their  first exposure to shoe clips often happens when they are involved with a wedding were they are used as an inexpensive way to dress up a pair of shoes or to bring uniformity to a group of bridesmaids shoes that are not exactly the same.

IIt is very important that the shoes that you decorate must be in tip-top shape. To put a lovely shoe ornament on a pair of run down shoes will only draw attention to how bad the shoe are. What you can decorate your shoes with is endless but some of the most common decorations are flowers and bows.

If you are lucky enough to have two matching broaches or an old pair of clip-on earrings you could use those as well but before you start altering any jewelry make sure that the size and scale of what you want to use will look good on the shoe.  There is a true talent to shoe design and you will find that something that you thought would look great is much too small or too big for the shoe. You would have to remove the jewelry from the earring or broach findings and glue them onto shoe clip findings.

The metal shoe clip finding have small prongs on that grip into your shoes. Shoe clip findings can be order on line or found at jewelry supply stores but you can also use other types of jewelry findings to add ornaments to your shoes.

When adding ornaments that are made of fabric you will have to be careful of getting them wet or dirty and ruining them. Making the bows from leather will make them much more durable.

Shoe with flowerWith  strappy dress sandals it is easy to add decorations.  With a shoe you would have to either pierce or clip the ornament on but with this type of sandal you can use a broach fastener to attach a beautiful silk flower.

Adding silk flowerIt is very important that no matter how you add the decoration to your shoe that it will not rub against your foot and cause discomfort or pain. Here we use a small broach finding but the flat top where you would add the stone for the broach we slipped under the straps of the sandal so it will be flat against the top of the foot. You would then pierce through the plastic base of a silk flower that you have removed from its stem and simply close the broach finding.

It would be very easy to have several different coloured silk flowers to totally change the look.

Bow on shoeEven easier than adding a flower with a broach fitting is adding a simple bow. With these sandals we took a  length of sheer ribbon that had a silver edge and just tied it on then cut the ends on an angle. This ribbon cost 59 cents a yard and we used about 2/3 of a yard for both sandals. If you wanted this to be a permanent addition you should finish the ends of the ribbon with Fray Check. Depending on how ornate you wanted to make the sandals you could also add a small ribbon bow to the back of the ankle strap. Once again it would be simple to change the look by changing the color of the ribbon or by using a satin ribbon instead of a sheer one. 

A more sophisticated decoration would be this bow that is sewn together, decorated with a button then sewn on to a shoe clip finding.

Back of bow clipThe bow is made from three loops of 1-1/2 inch satin ribbon that are laid on top of each other and sewn together. The button is then sewn on the top and the finding sewn on the bottom. When using the metal clips you have to make sure that the ornament covers the metal.

There are endless types of bows and decorations that you can make. Large antique buttons can look stunning on a pair of simple shoes. When adding them onto shoes remember that the clip attaches to the edge so the decoration will be at the front of the shoe.

With a few pairs of basic shoes and a drawer full of shoe clips you can have countless options in your shoe closet.

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These are so cute! What a great idea!

What a wonderful find this site is! I need this help - truly I do. You are full of excellent and CLEAR advice on things I know little about but want to, a thousand thanks!

I'll be back for more very soon...

Great post! Hint: especially when using brooch pins, you can purchase "moleskin" at your local pharmacy. This will adhere to the underside of the pin or clip to avoid irritation.

Hi Lynn,
I had to Google "moleskin" to see what that was, and yes, it's a great tip! For my readers, moleskin is a brushed cotton type material that you can buy at pharmacies in a tape form. You would tape it to the inside of your shoe so the brushed cotton would be against your foot and not the brooch pin.

I loved looking through your site...there are so many fabulous shoe clips on it!


Where do you buy your shoe clips at? This is such a fabulous idea

I got most of my supplies at a bead store but I believe that craft stores like Michaels carry shoe clips and jewelry supplies, you might want to call or go on line first.

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