Great (and Cheap) Easter Basket Ideas

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Easter basket ideas cheap easy frugalEaster baskets can get a bit pricey especially if you  buy store assembled ones that are stuffed full of licensed television characters that have nothing to do with Easter. 

You want something for your kids that's not going to cost an arm and a leg but is still fun for them. 

I have several ideas of how you can give your children candies at Easter without them going into a 3 day sugar high, some ideas on non candy extras and thoughts about fun activities they can do to keep busy. I also have some ideas on what you can get older children that still want to have to fun of a Easter basket but are too cool to admit it.

Containers to use as Easter baskets
Easter baskets are cheap and plentiful at this time of year at dollar stores and generally only cost $1. These baskets can easily be stored and used from year to year. 

If traditional Easter baskets just don't appeal to you then look around to see what other containers there are in the dollar store. Fun bright plastic storage baskets in different colors or carry all can be used as Easter containers then each child can use them  as storage baskets in their room,  for toys outside in the sand box or for their beach toys.

Shred for Easter Basket
Plastic Easter shred costs about $1 or less and can be re used year to year if placed in a clean zip lock bag.

 Plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar store can be re-used year to year are great for filling up a basket but also for limiting how much candy they can eat at one time. You can go to the bulk aisle and buy enough candy so that each egg might have only one or two items of candy. You can also give them a wider variety of candies doing this. 

Try to buy colored eggs that would co-ordinate with the basket you are buying.

Carrot candy bag for EasterYou can make up your own candy carrots by using a seam sealer and plastic lunch bags. Using the sealer place the plastic bags on an angle and seal them. You will get triangle shaped bags that you can fill with orange candies (I used orange jelly beans). I then  took a small square of green tissue paper, gathered it in the middle, put it on the top of the bag and closed the bag with a twist tie. The finished bag looks like a carrot with it's green top.
Making bags

Easter candies in bags
You can also use the seam sealer to make long narrow bags from plastic lunch bags. 

One lunch bag would make three long narrow bags. You can tie the top of the bag with a bow that has been gathered with a twist tie and use the twist tie to close the bag. 

While these long narrow bags look full and colorful there is not that much candy in them so this is another way of  restricting how much candy they get. You can fill them from the bulk aisle with jube jubes, gummies or jelly beans.

IMG_8579_edited.JPGIf you don't have access to a seam sealer then you could use small plastic snack size bags and fill them with candies. These were then wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon on each end. (Shown from our article Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets That Look Expensive).

Chocolate Easter Bunny
An Easter basket really wouldn't be an Easter basket with out a Chocolate Easter Bunny. 

Grocery stores sell 1 pound bunnies for about $2 to $3 which is a great deal. I removed ours from the plastic bag it came in and put it in a cellophane bag with a bow and a twist tie on top. This way after biting off a chunk of the rabbit it can be put away in it's bag. 

For very young children ask them if they would like you to  chopping up the rabbit into large chunks for them after they receive their basket.  They might insist that they can gnaw at it but might ask you latter to chop it up.

Pom pom Easter chicks
It's always nice to add a little Easter chick to the basket that can be kept from year to year to decorate the home for Easter. These little pompom chicks are easy to make from yellow yarn, a snippet of black yarn and red pipe cleaners. (Read Making Pompom Easter Chicks. )

You could buy a small stuffed toy to add to the basket but since these are so seasonal they probably won't get much attention from your children after Easter. 

Dollar stores are full of small stuffed toys but the quality is very cheap and they will probably end up in the trash with in a year. If you are determined to get them a stuff toy consider buying a teddy bear and adding some bunny ears to make it look more Eastery.

Starting seedsOther fun things to add are activity books from a dollar store, paper pad for drawing, construction paper, child's safety scissors, crayons, pencil crayons or stamps

For more information on how to buy children's craft supplies at the best price read Ultimate Money Saving Craft Kit Supplies for Children). 

Seeds grown in peat pellets (pots that expand when water is added to them) are fascinating for children. Give them a packet of seeds and pellets and let them grown flowers or vegetables for the garden. Small children tend to be enthusiastic about growing plants so make sure they don't over water the seeds.

For older children that enjoy baking buy cookie cutters or jello shapers. Home made play dough and bubble liquid for blowing bubbles are also inexpensive and easy to make.  A rubber ball or any type is ball is a classic children's toy. For more ideas on age appropriate toys read Best Toys for Children).

A book is a great addition to a Easter basket, two favourite being The Tale of Peter Rabbit and the Velveteen Rabbit for very young children. For older children this could be a great time for them to start reading series like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys or The Box Car Children. No matter what the age of the child there are some great books out there. Thrift stores often have children's books in almost perfect condition for a fraction of the price you would buy new.

For teenages think about adding something spicy or salty to all the chocolate, they might have a favourite salty snack like Beef jerky or spiced nuts. Dried fruits and granola is great for someone who enjoys snacking on them. 

You could add a t-shirt, some wild colored shoe laces or hair accessories. A colorful mini umbrella would be a cute and practical Easter gift for a teenage  girl. No matter how old or sophisticated they are teenagers still enjoy many of the same treats they received as little kid.

Easter Bag printables
If you wanted to add a special memento, like a piece of jewelry or a trinket and didn't want it to get lost in the basket you could make a small Easter bag and place the item in there. 

These are simple to make. Here are three free printable designs for you to download and print with instructions on how to make these easy  Easter Bag Printables.

You don't have to spend a lot of money for you children to have fun and exciting Easter baskets. Re-using the basket, shred and eggs will keep the costs down and if you keep your eyes open for all the little extras through out the year you'll be able to give them great baskets that they will always remember.

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I don't have children, but my husband and I exchange Easter baskets every year anyway because Easter is my favorite holiday. I love all your great ideas to make the basket more special without spending a lot of money.

What fun ideas!

So cute! I'm definitely using your carrot bag idea. You could put Annie's bunny crackers in them for a cute twist on the idea.

So many cute ideas!

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