Cheap Easy Easter Gift Box

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Easter Gift boxWhile Easter Baskets are the standard way of giving gifts at Easter, sometimes they are too cumbersome to manage and you want a simpler but just as festive solution. 

This happy little gift box is a perfect idea for Easter. It is easy to make and easy to carry around. Best of all it is very cheap to make as you are recycling a box with a lid and using plastic Easter eggs that are easy to find at any dollar store. It's the simple little extras that make this presentation look so good.
This Easter Gift box was made from recycling a previously enjoyed chocolate box.

covering Easter boxAs this box was covered with tissue paper it had to be first covered with white paper so the graphics of the box would not show through. Depending on how thin your tissue paper is you might have to glue two or more sheets of white paper over the box. If you are using a thicker wrapping paper then you would skip this step.

Wrapping Easter box
Inside of this box and on the bottom there was printing that needed to be covered. Since white paper wouldn't hide the printing we used two sheets of white card stock and cut decorative edges on the card stock. You could use gift wrap to do this if it is thick enough.

Wrapping Easter box
Only the lid of the box was covered with the decorative tissue paper as the base of the box was plain.

Close up of Easter gift boxTo finish off the outside of the box we put a great big satin florist bow on it.  To learn how to make this bow see How to Make a Florist Bow

Eggs in Easter gift box
The inside of the box was filled with paper cupcake liners (you can use plain or holiday ones like Bunnies and Chicks) and we placed a plastic egg inside each one. To fancy up the eggs, the seam of the egg was covered by a thin strip of paper that was taped to the back of the egg.

Easter Gift box finished
The inside of the box was lined with two pieces of white paper napkins that were cut to size with decorative scissors and fold over the top of the eggs.

You can fill the eggs before you put the paper strips on with any small candy or toy. The middle egg in this box is the only pink one and something extra special could be put in that. It could be a clue to where another present is hidden, it could be a small piece of jewelry or it could be a special little note wishing them a very Happy Easter.

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