Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Making home made Christmas ornamentsGet into the Christmas spirit without splashing out a lot of cash by making some cute and easy home made Christmas tree ornaments.  

Maybe your tree just looks a little bare and you want some inexpensive additions, or maybe your going home for Christmas but still want some season's cheer, or maybe you are looking for easy ornaments a group can do.  

Here I show you some very easy but very nice looking home-made ornaments that will cost only pennies to make. You will easily be able to construct a dozen of these ornaments in one evening and you might already have everything you already need to make them in your home. You can also add these to the tops of gifts as gift ornaments.
Paper snowflakesPaper snowflakes are beautiful, traditional and easy to make. They can actually be a bit addictive once you start making them. 

There are as many designs of paper snowflakes as there are real snowflakes and, as in nature, you can make them so no two are alike or you can follow a pattern and have them all identical. 

While most people cut the 8 pointed snowflake by simply folding a square into quarters and that in half the 6 sided snowflake looks a bit more sophisticated. 

Cutting paper snowflakes
I made these 6 pointed snowflakes from letter writing paper that I bought at a liquidator for 99 cents for a pad of 100. You could use printer paper but as it is thicker the folds might not be as crisp. 

You folded up about 3 inches and cut off the excess paper. Finding the center folded a third over on the front and then a third over on the back, I then folded this triangle shape in half. 

As I wanted all our stars to be the same size I made a small template from cereal card to give me a basic star shape. Cutting from either side of the folds will give you your different designs. While the finished star here looks difficult it was very simple (enlarge on the photo to see the cutting details). 

The thinner you cut the lines of the snowflake the more delicate looking it will be. You can use a hole punch to add a thread to hang the snowflake or you can just hang them on the tree through their designs. These also look beautiful taped to windows.
Paper Christmas ornaments
For a recycling themed Christmas pull open an old magazine and make these happy little houses, stars and Christmas trees. 

They have a retro look to them or something Cindy Loo Who might have had on her tree. Very environmentally friendly all you need to make these are old magazines or glossy ads,  glue stick, scotch tape and thread.


Paper Christmas ornaments houses
Here I show a multitude of these happy little houses with the details of their windows, doors and wreaths. The basic shape of the house is a square, trapezoid or a rectangle, a triangle or trapezoid shape for the roof and fill in the front with windows, a door and wreath with a bow. 

There really is no wrong way to make these. I made the fronts first and added a thread loop in the back with a piece of scotch tape. Then I made a design on the back so the ornament could be viewed on either side. 

The Christmas trees are just long triangles with bands across the front, a little trunk and a little star at the top with a loop behind it. The stars are easier still as they are just two cut outs glued to each other with a string loop in between.

Paper Christmas ornaments house construction
This is the separate pieces of a house before they are all glued on top of each other. The square of the house is about 3 inches by 3  1/2 inches and the trapezoid roof is about 2  inches high. You can make your houses any size that you want but in general the houses shown were about 4 to 5  1/2 inches high.

Pinecone decorations
Pine cones are a customary Christmas ornament and you can get them for free if you look for them under pine trees during the summer and fall. 

If you have a supply of these that you have been gathering this is one of the classic home made ornaments. This pine cone is dusted with gold glitter,  topped with a red bow and hung on a gold thread. 

If your tree is more of a country style you could skip the glitter and top the pine cone with a plaid ribbon or even a polka dotted one in any colour that would suit the rest of your ornaments.   

Pinecone ornamentTo make these pine cones we simply used a small brush to brush white glue over the pine cone and sprinkled glitter over it (do this over a paper so the excess glitter can be poured back into the container). 

The little bow is just three loops that are gathered in the middle and tied tightly with the gold thread. I used a glue gun to attach the bow to the top of the pine cone.

Ornament made from Christmas Cards
If you have been collecting Christmas cards for years then this might be the ideal craft to use them up. I have used the images from Christmas cards, cut them in 2  3/4 inch round circles, dusted the edges with gold glitter and glued a cap shaped tag on the back with a hole from a hole punch to make it look like a faux glass ornament.

How to make Ornament made from Christmas Cards
To cut the image from our card I used a Fiskars cutter but a 2  3/4  inch lid from the Ultimate Money Saving Craft Kit Supplies for Children would work as well. Just center over the image and draw with a pencil. When cutting you will get a smoother line by holding the scissors and moving the paper. 

I used a brush to just add glue to the edge of the circle and then sprinkled the glitter on top. The tag was made from another gold Christmas card and cut into a long trapezoid shape and a hole punched into it. 

This was glued to the back of the circle and it was all dried before we added a green thread as a hanger. You don't have to use Christmas cards as this can be done with any image. You could used pictures from magazines but you would have to glue them on a heavier paper. You could also use family photos and have your tree covered with the images of past Christmases.

If stored carefully these ornaments can be kept for years.

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I learned how to make these six-pointed star snowflakes in Germany (in 5th grade). They taught us to make them with pastel colored tissue-paper. They were beautiful. If you take the excess strip of paper that you cut from the top and fold it the same way, you can make small six-pointed star snowflakes. Looks great on the windows! Enjoy Ü

I hope that seeing these again brought back wonderful memories for you! I never thought of using tissue paper and now I am intrigued. Thanks for the suggestion.

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